Agree To Disagree: Could Shane Unload The Shotgun on Machida?

Jordan BujkoContributor IJuly 16, 2010

Agree To Disagree” is a forum for people to debate on who would win in hypothetical fights between two prominent MMA fighters. You can agree with any point that I bring forward or you can counter it with an argument of your own.

I started these simply as a Facebook thing just to see what people would think of these fights if they ever happened in real life. 

Now, friends, is your turn to tell me what you think about these fights happening sometime in the future.

Agree to disagree, but in the future I think it’d be exciting for the UFC if Shane Carwin V. Lyoto Machida in a Heavyweight or Catchweight fight ever happened.

Lyoto fought BJ Penn at a weight well above both fighters’ current weight classes. BJ Penn was close to a middle-to-light-heavy catchweight of 190 while Machida was at 225 pounds, so this fight would have more intrigue if it happened at a catchweight or at heavyweight.

Lyoto looks more like a lighter-heavyweight to me, anyway.

He would have a speed advantage over Carwin for sure, no doubt being the lighter individual in the fight, thus giving him a chance to still use that elusive style he’s known for in order to get Carwin to at least move around.

But then again, Machida has done that in the past, and the only person to not take much damage from Machida is Shogun.

Shane Carwin, I’ve said in my own circles, has that shotgun for a right arm, and even with his thirteen pro fight being the loss to Lesnar, he can still take someone out.

You can literally hear the BOOM when Carwin connects with a punch to his opponent’s face.

That’s what Machida would have to worry about because although Machida could throw a counter, it could be a shot that Machida won’t land before one of Carwin’s connects.

But what if it does, and what if Machida sends Carwin to the ground with it?

At light heavyweight or catchweight, the idea would seem highly unlikely, but at heavyweight?

That could be as major of an event as when Gonzaga became almost the first man to finish Carwin by way of knock-out.

Then again, a loss to the former Interim UFC Heavyweight champion could set Machida back in his career.

The ways that this fight could go would make this as awesome to watch as any fight in the UFC.

If the fight actually happened, I’d want Shane Carwin to get the victory by way of knock out, but Machida isn’t a slow striker.

When he lands a shot, you don’t hear the shot like you could hear Carwin’s, but you also don’t see it coming.

My hope is that Carwin would win, but I’d have to predict that Machida would be much quicker to getting that knockout punch in.

Agree to disagree, Bleacher Report, but I think a Carwin-Machida fight would be exciting to watch if it happened at heavyweight.

It would be a battle between two men who are coming off of their first career losses but I think it’d be a fun fight to watch even if it was a heavyweight because both men can strike at any moment.

What do you think?