A Fool's Errand: Compairing The Nexus and ECW Invasions

Ed ScoglioContributor IJuly 16, 2010

So last night TNA finally went through with their “ECW Invasion” and according to the spoiler reports the ensuing brawl was “better than the NXT invasion”. As such most of us free thinkers on the internet started comparing the angles, but really it’s apples and oranges.
    Both angles may appear similar on the face, but each are out to accomplish very different things. I debated for a while what stance I was going to take on this issue since a lot of people pointed out how similar they are and I even saw a few people say this is like Nexus in reverse. Instead of a group of young guys coming in and making a statement against older/established guys, it’s a bunch of old guys coming in and making a statement on a bunch of younger guys. While I look at that as more a joke, it’s kind of a fair assessment.
    So my official stance is that the angles are accomplishing different things and as such we should look at them as separate and different, but since the title of this column is “A Fool’s Errand” I am going to attempt to go a head and compare them. Why? Because I’m a fool. Now I’m only going to compare the first night of each angle and not after. I’ll get into the reasons towards the end.

    So the first night of the NXT or as they’re now known, Nexus, began in a very sneak attack way. John Cena and CM Punk were having a match when Wade Barrett, season 1 NXT winner, began making his way down to the ring. At first it just seemed that Barrett was making it clear that he was targeting Cena since Barrett had a guaranteed title shot and Cena was WWE champion at the time.

    Things took a very different turn however, when the rest of the season 1 NXT rookies showed up and surrounded the ring. First they attacked CM Punk and Luke Gallows, then they got in the ring and surrounded Cena before laying waste to him as well. Nexus was not done though as they began to destroy anything and anyone at ringside. Everyone from security to the timekeeper to the ring announcer had the crap beaten out of them. Nexus even began to dismantle the ring before getting back in the ring and finishing off Cena. The night ended with Cena on a stretcher giving a feeble thumbs up to his fans.
    The ECW angle began weeks before it ever got to the ring. Tommy Dreamer began showing up at TNA events and just sat in the stands. After a while other ECW alumni began to join him and last night after Abyss attacked Rob Van Dam the ECW crew ran into the ring to back up their old friend. Security ran in to try and expel the group and they were promptly taken out. TNA wrestlers and agents then made their way down to join in the melee when an interesting twist occurred. Former ECW wrestlers Al Snow and D-von showed up and attacked fellow TNA wrestlers and agents. Van Dam even sided with his ECW pals. The Brawl continued until Dixie Carter got them to stop by revealing that she herself had invited the ECW stars to the Impact zone.

    So that was each brawl and while they may sound alike, watching them was very different. The Nexus attack for one thing was far more vicious, which is interesting considering that WWE is the “kids” show. They looked like they were there for one reason: destruction. ECW ran in to help a friend and decided to fight everyone else in the company. Visually the Nexus attack had a lot more going for it.

    To my surprise the Impact zone fans had a mixed reaction to the events. I have long hated the Impact zone fans and I truthfully expected them to go ape shit during this segment, but many of them didn’t. I don’t know if TNA edited out any chants, but while some on the crowd tried making a lot of noise it certainly looked like many were just content to watch.
    Ultimately where I come down on this debate is, I liked the Nexus attack more. I just stated my reason. It was an all out attack. Nexus attacked not only one of WWE’s top heels in CM Punk, but also the face of the company in John Cena. Not only did they lay him out, but they put him on a stretcher. When Daniel Bryan spit on Cena, even though it may have led to him getting fired, that was Nexus essentially spitting on WWE. Nexus made a giant statement and they never had to say one word.  The ECW angle last night didn’t accomplish tenth of that.

    Don’t take this to mean that I give up on the ECW angle. I have every reason to believe that this angle will ultimately be worthwhile, but as a first impression, last night was simply sloppy.

    Now getting into their various reasons, SPOILER WARNING, Nexus came out the next week and said they hated being humiliated by WWE on NXT for so many weeks that they were going to make it clear from then on out that they weren’t going to be pushed around. Given what is reported about TNA’s Hard Justice PPV and next weeks Impact spoilers, we will be made aware that Dreamer and the other ECW alums want what they feels Vince McMahon denied them, a grand ending for ECW. Now as for that situation, I have plenty of thoughts, but that’s another column.

    Well those are my thoughts on the Nexus vs. ECW argument and my original point stands. Both are out to accomplish different things and we, as fans should look at them as different.