Warriors Offseason Moves: An Analysis

Stephen MewContributor IJuly 29, 2008

1. Draft Anthony Randolph and Richard Hendrix
At first I was hesitant to draft another skinny left-hander, considering the Warriors already have two bigs that fit this mold—Andris Biedrins and Brandan Wright. However, after watching a few of the summer league games online, I can see the reason why Mullin chose the toothpick.
He is the second coming of Lamar Odom—he can dribble, shoot, penetrate, rebound, and pass. Of course I don't expect him to contribute too much this year, considering Nellie doesn't play rookies (regardless if they can help or not). But folks, in two to three years, mark my word, he will be the best player on the W's after No. 8.

I'm not gonna lie, I don't know a lot about Dick. But from what I've been hearing, he's a Paul Millsap-type banger, which is what the W's sorely need. Will we find out this year if that's true? Probably not...

2. Sign Corey Maggette

Yes, we all know he's not as good as Baron, but let me tell you what Mr. Maggette will bring. Scoring, scoring, and scoring. This guy flat out knows how to get to the rim, and actually draws fouls! He doesn't settle for long jumpers (ahem, Baron).
He was third in the league in FT attempts/game, which will be a huge help for the free throw-lacking W's. Along with 'Buike, they have got to be two of the ripped-est guys in the league. Good luck beating one of 'em in an arm wrestling contest.

3. Sign Ronny Turiaf 
Four years, $17 mil? That may a be a tad high for a backup center, but I think Ronny will be a key bench player. We all know he'll be the top cheerleader on the bench. Being a cheerleader on the bench AND contributing on the court is underrated.
When he's sitting, RT will ignite energy for the players on the bench, which will translate to the players on the court. When he's on the floor, his energy and passion for the game will translate to the players on the court.
4. Trade for Marcus Williams
Ok, so he wasn't destined to be Jason Kidd's protege in Jersey...but that's good for the W's.
Questionable attitude? Bad conditioning? So what...he can ball, and WILL be a good (not great) backup to Monta. Another lefty, M-Will is a pure PG who can shoot the rock, and dish it J-Kidd style. I would have been worried if our lone pure PG on the team was C.J. Watson.
Even if he doesn't pan out, at least we'll have some tattoos to look at this season with the loss of chick favorite Matt Barnes.

5. Re-sign Kelenna Azubuike
I've always been a big fan of Kelenna. Three years, $9 mil = bargain. When he gets minutes, he produces.
Here is a combination of current and past W's of what Kelenna brings: Maggette's biceps, J-Rich's athleticism and rebounding, Turiaf's hustle, and most importantly, Dunleavy's stoic face.

6. Re-sign Monta Ellis
What can I say? Sick, sick, sick. No, not his temperature, but his game. Forget his defensive lapses, he'll work on that. Monta produces the most "oohs" and "aahs" after Kobe and 'Bron. He is spectacular to watch, and has crazy hang time.
Is he small? Yes, but he can finish around the basket as good as anyone in the league despite weighing as much as my two front teeth. He becomes the immediate leader of the W's with Baron's departure.
I expect a slow start to the season given the amount of pressure he'll be facing to carry the team. However, by mid-season, he'll be settled in and ready to lead this team to....the PLAYOFFS.

7. Re-sign Andris Biedrins
Andris does the dirty work. He puts up numbers when he's in, and how can you not love his hair? Last year, every time he got benched, the opponent ALWAYS outscored us. I can't count the number of times I was pissed at Nellie for taking out Andris, and no, he didn't need a breather.
Andris NEEDS to play. He's the one W who can protect the rim consistently, and rebound. At six years, $63 million, he better play more. I'm just looking forward to the post Nellie era.
These young'ns need to grow with the future coach of the run 'n gun W's. Let the Monta and Andris era begin!