MLS: Let's Get Some Originality

John HoumesSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2008

I don't want to complain. Major League Soccer has plenty of things going well for them right now.

Their all-stars just defeated another EPL club. The popularity of soccer in America is growing. And they're looking to expand with two more teams sometime soon.

I don't want to stomp on their parade, but before they give those two new teams a name, let me be honest...I find the names of the MLS teams somewhat annoying.

Why? Well, the names are completely unoriginal. In a sport where a team can be named Vasco de Gama, Red Star Belgrade, or Sheffield Wednesday, the MLS club names are just annoying.

Am I splitting hairs? Well, maybe, but hear me out first.

MLS gets a little schizophrenic with some teams following the typical American format for a club (city followed by nickname - Los Angeles Galaxy, Chicago Fire, etc) while others get a cheesy copy of a European club name (Real Salt Lake for Real Madrid, DC United for Manchester United or Newcastle United).

The problem with this is that world football offers a completely unique opportunity to name your team. There are no rules. You can name your club whatever you want. They should have copied Europe's style of naming their clubs, instead of copying their exact names.

It really doesn't even make since to have the Spanish word Real, or Royal in front of Salt Lake. What is royal about it? Or DC United, when their hasn't been any uniting going on? Okay, so maybe they play in the capital of the United States, but you get my point?

So if I was to change the names, here are a few I'd switch around:

New England Revolution to Revolution 1776 - It's the year the year of the declaration of Independence. It just sounds cooler. I know it sounds like the Philadelphia 76ers, but if you don't like that, you could change it to Revolution 83 (1783 is when a treaty was signed to end the war).

Kansas City Wizards - I like the allusion to the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy being from Kansas, but I would just change it to Wizard FC or Wizard.

Chicago Fire to Fire FC - again, just sounds cooler.

Toronto FC & FC Dallas - love it. Just keep 'em the way they are.

Club Deportivo Chivas USA - love it as well.

San Jose Earthquakes to Terremotos - It is Spanish for earthquakes.

Colorado Rapids - their stadium, Dick's Sporting Good Park, is near a river called River Platte, so they could be named that. Just kidding..okay, any suggestions?

Real Salt Lake to Great Salt Lake FC - the new name is nothing spectacular, but at least its not a blatant copy cat.

What about it? How would you rename the other teams?

What city do you think should get the two new expansion team in 2011, and what would you name them?