Mayweather Memorandum: From Manny Pacquiao

Fight NightContributor IJuly 16, 2010

Mayweather Memorandum, from Manny Pacquiao

Good day readers.

Against Manny's wishes (I'm sure), effectively immediately, I will be speaking on his behalf.  I am acting as the completely unofficial spokesperson for over 4,000,000 fans, and one philipino whirling dervish.  And with that in mind, 

Dear Floyd:

I smell duck.

I smelled it in April of 2006.  When you turned down your then largest-possible-payday-ever to fight Antonio Margarito.  Surely you had bigger plans in mind than the Tijuana Tornado.  Surely you were going to fight a prime welterweight.  Sniff.  Instead you fought Carlos Baldomir.  Baldomir - at the time, the linear champion (he held the belts for lest than 6 months, hardly established).  Baldomir, who less than 2 years later lost to… hold on… here it is… Jackson Osei Bonsu. 

I smelled it again in late 2007.  You know… when everyone said you were scared to fight Mosley, or Miguel Cotto, and still Antonio Margarito.   Surely you were going to silence the critics.  Surely you would fight one, if not all of these fighters.   Sniff.  Instead you "retired from boxing" claiming you had "nothing more to prove".  And after Cotto beat Mosley, and cast-hands Margarito beat Cotto, your fans were quick to swoop in and say "See!" as if any of that somehow excused your absence from the fray.  This was about the same time I was annihilating future hall of famer Marco Antonio Berrera.

I smelled it again in 2009.  Remember when I retired Ricky Hatton and people thought he might never get up from the 2nd round KO?  The same Hatton who it took you 10 rounds to get out of there?  This was less than 6 months removed from making Oscar retire on his stool.  A man you won a split-decision over.  And I remember you saying something about "coming back to claim what was yours". 

Well that's when the smell of duck became overwhelming.  You came back and reigned in the media lackys.  They started pushing your "return of the king" storyline, but never demanded you to actually sign on the dotted line.  First it was the purse, then it was the arena, then all of a sudden you were "cleaning up the sport".  This was particularly interesting considering the only person between me & you, that was a PED user, was you.  Your training camp suddenly forgot the fact that they had admitted on a number of occasions you used a substance that has been banned in a number of states (curiouser and curiouser note: not Nevada) to numb your brittle hands.  Random unwarranted, and unfounded accusations had to be made against me.  But it's okay.  I'm not mad.  If your camp and family couldn't invent the doubt, or invent the spin, then people would have much more easily smelled duck.  So the media bandwagon hammered home the preposterous argument - well, if he won't agree to the tests, then he's a cheater.  I remember a story about a town called Salem.  When someone was accused of being a witch, they were drowned if they didn't admit it.  If they did admit it, they were usually still drowned, or set on fire.  Not good choices.  My choice:  concede to your nonsense just because you're the all-powerful Floyd Mayweather, or be a man and refuse, and lose the fight.  It was weird, I thought we could make a fight under the same rules and regulations that you fought your previous 40 under.  The problem there is that you always got to pick and choose.  You always had to have all the advantages.  That isn't greatness.  That's spin.  So I made another fight.  

I made it with Josh Clottey.  Another banger who in the past you dismissed.  Another fighter you wouldn't fight.  And I made him look stupid and terrified for 12 straight rounds.  I generated 700,000 PPV buys to watch a fight that everyone knew was simply to put me on display.

Sniff.  Sniff.  Rather than be upstaged, you then agreed to fight a 39 year old mosley, more than 4 years after (even then at 35) we would have settled for watching it.  The media beat their drums - Floyd fears no man!  Floyd is back!  Floyd is fighting a dangerous man in Mosley!  Mosley, fresh off his dismantling of no-cast-hands -anymore Margarito.  I'm sorry, I wasn't buying.  But Floyd knew the media & the Mayeather fans would.  So 2.4 million PPV buys later, you found a new excuse, and wanted to compare apples to oranges.

So now, almost a year since you've announced your return has gone by.  You know, your return to "take back what's yours!".  Well I'm still here.  I'm still waiting.  And you've still got all the excuses in the world.  The question I have for you is simple:  Would you rather have 50$ Million dollars, or get to keep your 0?

You have until 7/16/2010.

Yours truly,

P4P until you come and get it.

Manny Pacquiao