Shaun Alexander Should Expect a Call from the New Orleans Saints...Soon

Robert LewisAnalyst IJuly 29, 2008

More than anything else this year, I want Deuce to play for New Orleans. He is the backbone of the Saints, and he's a leader on and off the field. Before Drew Brees and Reggie Bush came onto the scene, Deuce was the most recognizable name on the Saints' roster. He is a hometown guy, having played college at Ole Miss.

However, facts are facts: He has had two season-ending injury's over the last four years. He is now trying to come back from two surgeries over the last offseason. Now, it can be done, and the trainers have said his progress is doing great. However, we saw the other day that his knee started to swell.

There has to be a lot of talk going on right now about the chances of him being 100 percent in time for the season, or if he will even be ready at all. There are only a handful of decent running backs left in the free-agent pool.

After LaMont Jordon was picked up earlier this week by the Patriots, Shaun Alexander is the only one left that does not have off-field problems, and there's the fact that the Saints spoke to him a couple of months ago.

There also has to be a sense of urgency. If another running back goes down somewhere else, you can bet that Shaun will be picked up, leaving the Saints without an inside running game.

I am a big fan of Pierre Thomas (Baby Deuce). He showed promise last year, with a record performance against Chicago. However, he still lacks that "wear'em down" strength. In order for the Saints not to become one dimensional, they will need a between0-the-tackles runner.

Even with Colston, Shockey, and Bush catching passes, it won't be long before defenses will be able to stop them.

I only hope that Deuce is suffering only from those lingering effects of soreness, but in case it's worse, the Saints have got to be looking at who is available and can help them balance the running game.

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