Detroit's Big Move: Kwame Brown

Mick MillerAnalyst IJuly 29, 2008

Your mood may determine how you take the tone of the article headline. To be honest, I really don't know how I feel about it. We have trusted Joe Dumars in the past with former lottery pick reclamation projects, but Kwame Brown?

The former number one overall draft pick in 2001 was dealt to Memphis from the Lakers last season as part of the Pau Gasol trade for his expiring contract.

The contract with the Pistons calls for two years, $4 million per season with Brown holding a player option for year two. A bargain perhaps (at today's NBA prices) but is this the end of the offseason shake-up?

Chauncey Billups was a lottery pick as was Richard Hamilton. Neither became all-stars until landing in Detroit. That is not to say the 26 year old Brown is going to become one either.

For the price and the potential, it may be worth the chance. Michael Jordan was taken by Brown's skill set when he drafted him in Washington, but we have seen Mike's record as an executive. 

Dumars on the other hand has had, for the most part, the magic touch. While the team is still approximately $10 million under the luxury tax limit, then may still have room to make a trade. It had better be something significant, or we can label this offseason summer just hot air.

Good move? Bad move? Like everyone else, get back with me, I could change my mind by lunch. High school players sometimes take years to develop and we do need some youth at the center spot.

Is Detroit the place where Brown puts it altogether? Jordan once called Dumars one of the toughest defenders he had ever faced. Joe may have to defend this move as well, the same Jordan made in 2001.