Why You Won't Get to Watch the Cowboys/Packers Game

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer INovember 28, 2007

http://bp2.blogger.com/_cx8Ax9DB_XA/R02B8Q3eplI/AAAAAAAAAHQ/XgzjVe0f5Mo/s200/nfln.gifThis season's biggest NFC game thus far is tomorrow night's Cowboys-Packers showdown in Big D. Both teams are 10-1 and the winner will have the inside track on home-field advantage in the postseason.


Well, you shouldn't be—the game is only being carried by the NFL Network.

As you might know, only three in ten households get the NFL network, for several reasons.

Money, for one. Comcast and Time Warner, the nation's top two cable providers that collectively service over 33 million customers, have both fought mightily with the league over the high cost to carry the network.

As a result, TW has refused to carry the NFL Network and Comcast is attempting to move the channel from a basic tier to a premium tier, which would cost subscribers an additional $8.95 per month.

The network has fought back, posting a link on their website urging current customers of Comcast to either switch to a different provider or to a satellite service. This week, Comcast filed a case-and-desist order forcing the NFL Network to take the link down.

Got all that? Good.

But it doesn't change a thing. You're still going to miss the game...