"The Riddler Report: The Nexus Is An “Invasion” Really???

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Hello readers, recently a so called invasion started on Raw thanks to the season one rookies of NXT now known as the Nexus. This so called invasion started with the rookies destroying the ring, choking a ring announcer, attacking the announcers and just destroying John Cena.

Week after week they been attacking WWE legends, superstars and even the chairman of the board Vince K. Mcmahon.

But before we take a look at the WWE’s so call invasion storyline let’s see as to what is the definition of a invasion angle.

Invasion storyline- Refers to wrestling storylines in which a group of wrestlers come into a promotion and seem to be trying to take it over. One such angle was in 2001 from WrestleMania X-Seven to the Survivor Series relating to the World Wrestling Federation’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It involved the WCW wrestlers “invading” WWF television in an attempt to “take over” the WWF. In June 2001, the angle grew in intensity as the WWF storylines somewhat abated to make room for the central Invasion storyline. WCW and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) merged to form The Alliance and challenged the WWF’s control over the wrestling industry.

That is the text book definition of an invasion storyline. Now I ask you the readers do you believe that the Nexus fits the definition? In my humble opinion I would go with a big fat NO.

Week after week they have been beating down superstars and that’s all. What impact have they had yet? How have they tried to take over? Just the beginning of the Nexus and the beat up of Vince has been different the rest has been the same.

What have they done to make a real impact? Beat John cena? He comes back every week like nothing happened to him at all. What important faces have they beaten down? They only ones I seen are Cena and JoMo that’s all! Well what about the rest? They don’t even try to take out any of the champs or take any of there titles away.
I honestly ask what the Nexus has done so we care about them so we care about this so called invasion. In my eyes NOTHING, honestly this is just silly, you can get 7 jobbers and have them gang up on superstars like the nexus are doing and they have the same impact.

Because half of the WWE does not know who these kids are. There rookies are a bunch of punks and you wanted me to take them seriously? A bunch of punks who Cena can destroy one on one in a second? Please that ridicules! If we still had Bryan Danielson then maybe this could have worked but after getting rid of the only real established wrestler who we know can take down or take a veteran to his limit is gone.

I will say that last Monday when they made Cena bleed was surprising considering the ban of blood in the WWE, it helped made them look a bit stronger but still beating Cena week after week it is going to get old really fast.. Considering the fact that most of the fans don’t care about him so it makes no sense.

I will be the first one to say that I was excited about the angle but after seeing the same thing over and over again, it really does not excite me and is getting pretty stale. Until they reveal there motivation and a real leader this is not a real invasion.

So not only by the wrestling definition and by the opinion of a Pro wrestling veteran like my self, I can honestly say this is not a invasion but just a bunch of punks (or jobbers) looking to get attention. And that my friends is not very interesting.

What do you readers, think?

Did you agree or disagree?

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