Top Twitter Trends: Shakira Vs Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Pulpo Paul (Octopus)

Isaac AsanteCorrespondent IIJuly 13, 2010

"Waka Waka" singer Shakira was a star at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but she could not outshine Cristiano Ronaldo, or Paul the Octopus in terms of Twitter trends.

A Bit on Shakira

Shakira is normally known for her dancing, original music, and for what many describe as her “outstanding beauty." She was selected to join the group of singers praising the spirit of Africa prior to the World Cup, and after winning against K’naan’s Waving Flag, her song "Waka Waka" became the official song of the tournament.

This sparked controversy as many listeners on the African continent rejected the music, due to the fact that Shakira was not African. Regardless of this matter, Shakira was chosen to perform at the 2010 World Cup kickoff ceremony on June 10 along with other singers like Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas and many more.

As the star of the tournament, many expected her to take away the spotlight in terms of individual popularity; yet, that was not the case, as her name was missing from Twitter’s Top Recent Trends.

Statistics from Twitter Trends revealed that unlike Paul the Octopus and Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira was not even at the top for 19 hours over the last month.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is now among football’s greatest players of all time, having joined David Beckham on the list of players with the most fans on social networks. Indeed, although Ronaldo is hated by many for his body language, he is also loved by millions. At least, those millions of followers are interested in him.

Naturally, Ronaldo began his 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign as a superstar in the tournament. According to Mashable’s chart for Twitter Trends, Ronaldo came in first position after the first week as the most tweeted player of the competition with 1,140 tweets (372 tweets in front of Argentina’s Lionel Messi).

Ronaldo fell to second place after the second week with 1,740 tweets; 135 tweets behind first place Guillermo Franco from Mexico. But after the third week, Ronaldo regained his top position with 5,070 tweets due to Portugal’s elimination at the World Cup in South Africa.

Presumably, Ronaldo is not too close to being the king of Twitter, but at least 113 hours and 20 minutes of trending were enough for him to make a great impact on the social network over the last month, and turn Portugal into one of the most tweeted teams of the 2010 World Cup.

Paul the Octopus     

Yes, a lot of people might be jealous here.

Although Paul the Octopus or Pulpo Paul is a sea creature, he (not “it”, as the octopus is called) took the center of the stage during the entire tournament. With a 100 percent record in his predictions regarding Germany’s games and the final, Paul the Octopus is now said to be headed for retirement.

Whatever he may do next, he surely revealed the hidden character of many people during his moments of hard work (World Cup), as many respectful figures surprisingly lost their “decent images” and were reported to publish highly insulting messages on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Paul became one of the internet’s most discussed subjects, and although the news might sound ridiculous, he became the third most popular Twitter trend with 141 hours of trending. That is far above superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Shakira.