Los Angeles Lakers: Fish And Mamba Stay Cold Blooded

Christopher MathewsContributor IJuly 13, 2010

A snakehead fish is a thrust predator. It will eat its prey all at once, striking and ingesting it whole.

Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant, respectively known as "DFish" and "Black Mamba" are the NBA's equivalent of a double headed snakehead fish.

Since 2000 they've played and won more playoff games than any other duo in NBA history ingesting five titles as members of the LA Lakers.

So it felt fitting that Fisher spurned the likes of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh to hunt them and the entire NBA with his cold blooded compadre, while seeking a sixth title.

For devoted Laker fans DFish is on equal ground with Bryant for having frosty nerves in hotly contested playoff games.

Cementing his lore with a 0.4 second rainbow dagger over the outstretched arms of Manu Ginobili in game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference Semi Finals.

The image of Fisher and his Laker teammates racing off the floor after the ball ripped through the net is an indelible mark in NBA playoff history.

Every generation we hear older ones relive the days of unselfish sports hero's who played for pure love of the game as opposed to what has become leagues of millionaire prima donna's with me first entitlement.

Fisher embodies the nature of those old school athletes. Gritty, determined, and unwavering, he never takes off a practice, a play, or a game.

Add in the fact he took less money to stay with the Lakers instead of chasing a cushiony career closing pay day, it's easy to see what makes him revered in the Laker locker room and throughout the NBA.

There's no question Kobe appreciates his killer instinct sidekick. When news broke of Fisher flying out to speak with Miami Heat's Pat Riley, Bryant texted, called and re-texted Fisher to reaffirm how much he needs him.

Bryant's gesture is indeed interesting considering that most of his career he's been the poster boy for millionaire prima donna's with me first entitlement.

Maturity and life lessons have changed all of that. Not to mentioned champagne soaked locker rooms and diamond encrusted rings.

For Laker Nation it's comforting to know DFish and Mamba aren't sitting on a beach  somewhere in south Miami conjuring up cool nicknames for an unproven super team.

It's more likely they're in a gym grueling through a rigorous workout. Or putting up 1,000 shots. Or watching film of the Finals to get better.

Or even yet, taking turns lying still while team trainer Gary Vitti injects ice water into their veins.

Whatever the case, the snakehead tandem of DFish and Black Mamba will be ready to strike first when the season begins.