My First Amateur Fight: A Journey Through Rage In The Cage.

Burton LashContributor IJuly 28, 2008

Well, suiting enough that my first article has nothing to do with any big organizations. This is a story of a small time guy with a small time event.

Recently, I attended the first local amateurs fights put on by Rage in the Cage. The event was full of booze filled rednecks, overweight security guards, and the occasional knowledgeable MMA fan.

I shouldn't have been surprised at the fact that I felt isolated from everyone else in the stadium when it came to ground battles or clinches. Most people were paying thinking that they were going to see some vicious knockouts.

What they got was a heavily grappling orientated fights. I didn't mind watching a good ground game. The people who attended seemed to think that they were just laying on them and decided to boo whenever this happened or two fighters got into a clinch. I had seen some bad fans at UFC 76 but this was by far the worst thing i could have imagined.

When the fights are open fist, it makes it hard for me to watch. Not only did it make the fights less technical, but it also made watching it happen an eye sore. Every single fighter, all 40 of them, took more punishment in the training than in the actual fights.

Some fights involved a person going down only to easily recover due to lack of stopping power from a slap. It was poor execution for an event that put on 20 fights. You really just wanted to get to the last few fights that were actually closed fist fights.

The announcers continually said things dumbed down for the general audience such as "Do you wanna see a knockout?" or "Oh shot to the groin." Rarely would anything insightful come out of his mouth.

Should I have expected more from an amateurs fight card? No, i shouldn't. I probably shouldn't even be writing this. Could the event have been better? Absolutely. Take away the disgusting and degrading open fist rule, put in some keen and observant announcers, and you'd have yourself an entertaining night.