Tara Confirmed As the Mystery Woman at TNA's Victory Road

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2010

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As many of you already know, Lisa Varon (a.k.a. Tara and Victoria) severed her ties with TNA a few months ago because of money issues and had her wrestling career ended (kayfabe) by Madison Rayne after she put her career on the line for Rayne's title at TNA Sacrifice.

Now, many of us expected her to go back to WWE after she had a meeting with them a few months ago, but it appears that things didn't work out and she didn't like the deal they offered her.

Last night, TNA presented one of their most prestigious and historic pay-per-views of the year, the sixth annual Victory Road. During that show, the Knockouts Championship was defended by Madison Rayne against Angelina Love, with the stipulation that if Angelina lost, her TNA wrestling career would be over.

And with another stipulation that stated if Velvet or Lacey interfered, then Madison would relinquish her title.

During the end of that match, a helmeted woman on a motorcycle pulled up on the ramp during the match and distracted Angelina.

Madison knocked her outside the ring, and the mystery woman grabbed Love and rammed her head into the ring post.

The referee "speculated" and ruled that it was one of The Beautiful People involved thus and decided to disqualify Madison, awarding Angelina with the Knockouts title.

Now that was pretty dumb on TNA's part. Why would they have the referee disqualify Madison if he didn't know who the mystery woman was?

They could have easily just have the match continue since they couldn't find out who the woman was and let Angelina win the title fair and square.

I just hate it when someone wins a title like that, no matter which title it is.

Well, via LordsOfPain.com, I recently found out that the mystery woman was neither of the Beautiful People, but Tara.

Tara was the one who got Madison Rayne disqualified, which saw her lose the Knockouts title by the referee's decision to Angelina Love. It was also stated that Tara is back with the company full time.

I think that they realized that they were running low on credible Knockouts that look good and can actually wrestle, so they made the right choice in bringing Tara back in.

I just hope that they gave her a raise, because if they can give Velvet a raise, then they can damn sure give Tara one.

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