Manny Ramirez or Fernando Martinez? Minaya to Decide.

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

The trading deadline is mostly beneficial for teams that want to make that final push for the playoffs. General managers start looking at the holes they need to fill to make it to October.

What is the most desperate need for most teams at the moment? Outfielders. Pitching is always something a team is looking for, but this season it seems like outfielders is a major commodity. If you have an outfielder someone is looking for, you are in business. You can demand almost anything and get it.

With the announcement by Manny Ramirez that he will okay a trade, the GMs of the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, and any other team in need of a power hitting outfielder to make a playoff push are most certainly scrambling to try to see what they have available to trade for. The Mets can make a pretty enticing offer just be mentioning Fernando Martinez in a deal.

Mets fans I have spoken to are pretty torn between Manny and Martinez. As much as they know they need an outfielder with a bat, they are not sure they want to give up their top prospect for a rental. Despite the hamstring injuries Martinez has suffered this year, he is still young and has tremendous talent.

How great would this team be with David Wright, Jose Reyes, Martinez, Mike Pelfrey, Johan Santana, and Oliver Perez (if the team re-signs him at the end of the year) as your core players?

The Mets have the potential to have the best starting rotation in the majors.  In regards to outfielders--two of them would consist of a Gold Glove center fielder, and quite arguably the best center fielder, Carlos Beltran, plus a young outfielder in Fernando Martinez who can play left or right and has the potential to hit for power.

The Mets could have speed, hitting, great defense, and a starting rotation to be envied by all for years to come. These are all keys to a successful ball-club.

While I do feel the Mets need another bat/outfielder, keeping Fernando Martinez should be their priority. However, after tonight's shoulder-stiffness shortened outing by John Maine, I feel Omar Minaya may want to look into a starter. With the in-and-out of the rotation Pedro Martinez, the Mets need a more reliable arm to make that push to the playoffs.