Maple Leafs' Secret Plan Revealed

TopShelf JerseysCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

Strange things are afoot in Leafland, Something known to very few.

The plan began during the 2006 draft when out of no where the Leafs drafted in the  fourth round Korbinian Holzer. The Cries rang out WHO??? and then what a German???? We thought they only played Soccer or should I say fussball? 

Well the 2007 draft came and went for the Maple Leafs and all was okay. No Germans to be seen here. Apparently things were back to normal. Or were they?

An up and down '07/'08 season was underway for the leafs here in the NHL, But meanwhile young Korbinian was raising eyebrows over in Dusseldorf setting out to prove himself in Germany's top division. So it goes.   

Fast forward to the Summer of 2008 und die Deutsche Master plan seems to be in full effect. In early June the Leafs managed to get Ron Wilson to come aboard. Leaf fans rejoiced. The best man was hired and maybe he is. This is what Leafs management will want you to believe. But no friends bringing Wilson in is far more Sinister than that.

Think for one moment which franchise has more Germans than anyone in their system? That's right the Sharks and Wilson was there for all of them. A couple weeks after he arrives the Draft rolls around and who picks the only German to go in the Draft you got it Die Leafs.

They pick highly touted junior star Jerome Flaake and even though the European scouts had him high in the rankings you have to find this curious, well don't you?

All coincidences your saying? really? On Jul. 3 the Leafs traded for Mikhail Grabovski. So?, you say, isn't he Russian or something? Well although he has represented Belarus Internationally he was actually born in Potsdam, Yes that's in Germany. Okay maybe I'm reading to much into all these different facts and my mind is going all hockey X-Files on me.

But then this happens I see that Marlies D Man Chris Harrington is headed oversees and to where? Germany, Dusseldorf to be exact. Hey isn't this where that guy Holzer from the 2006 draft is playing?

So I guess they expect us all to believe that he is going there because he will have more opportunity, better pay, a free Porsche or Merc etc. Yeah Right he is over there to work with Korbie and young Jerome Flaake to help the Leafs develop the Greatest Team of Deutsche Eis Hockey Uber Mensch to come back to Toronto and win the Cup.

Why because they want to take it back to Germany where Top German Silversmiths are eagerly waiting to turn it into the Worlds greatest beer Stein and use it at the HOF Brau Haus during the following years Oktoberfest.

As a Leaf fan I am actually okay with this whatever it takes I say, and Truth be told I love the various German Wursts (Sausages) especially when they are served up with one of their legendary Brews.

Adam Ezeard