Change Of Plans: Swagger Set Up to Face Undertaker at Summerslam?

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2010

Hey Fellow Bleacher Reporters and Commentors!

Lets first get down to what happened on this week's Smackdown!:

Swagger, being his all new bad self with a piercing ankle lock (hmmm, I wonder where I seen that before?) was in a rematch against the Big Show. Throughout the match Show was pretty much trying to inflict much pain and punishment onto Swagger as he could during the match, even to the point where they got near the Titantron. The ref counted them both out, and while Show was still stying to get Swagger, Swagger kicked Big Show and did further damage by injuring Show's Ankle. (Dang, no one's ankle's safe around Swaggie!). Swagger went backstage and Kane got a hold of him, they needed to "talk". So basically they went in Kane's interrogation/hellbent room (a room with no windows with a red light). And Kane accused Swagger of taking out Taker. Swagger said denied it repeatedly and said he'll show an alibi to prove he's innocent on next week's Smackdown.

Ok now let's take a look around the time period The Undertaker made his return to Smackdown after his hiatus after WrestleMania:

 Now when Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to compete in the Fatal Four Way PPV, all different rumors and speculations rose that Jack Swagger and The Undertaker would have a feud eventually building to a Summerslam Match between the two. This feud and match would be set up to mold Swagger into a serious competitor and put him in the big leagues. It was thought Undertaker would either win the Title at Fatal Four Way, and Swagger wanting it back, or vice Vesa where Jack Swagger would retain and face Taker down the road to Summerslam. Becuase we all know that The Undertaker has had some legendary feuds that put over stars and they usually at most have great performances. Unfortunately everybody's favourite Mexican Midget, the one, the only, master of the 619 himself, Rey Mysterio injured the Undertaker in that very qualifying match for the Fatal Four Way. So Undertaker was out, leaving Kane a storyline that he desperately needed, and Rey's eventual course to the World Heavyweight Championship.


So what's missing here?

Well ever since Taker's absence and Kane's vengeful crime show each Smackdown we've come down to 2 convicts, CM Punk, who is now innocent,  so that leaves us to the All American American American, American, AMERICAN, Jack Swagger. And in Kane's book of Torture, your Guilty until proven innocent. And unless Swagger can prove he's innocent, which I don't think is true, he really is in Hell. SO if Swagger is the convict, he will likely face a returning Undertaker at Summerslam.


So if all of this is correct and adds up, expect to see Rey Mysterio keep his title at Money In The Bank and have the winner of the Smackdown MITB face him at Summerslam. And with speculation that Glenn Jacobs a.k.a Kane, will be retiring right before Summerslam, Swagger will have a debt to pay with the Deadman himself on the biggest PPV of the Summer.


What's your take on the situation of Swagger and Taker's Absence? Will Swagger win the World Title at Money In The Bank? Is he ready to face a veteran like Taker? Is Kane really retiring? Whatever! Comment!