WWE Smackdown Recap and Review: Ankle Locks and Forgiveness

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2010

Opening Segment:

The show starts with Drew McIntyre in the ring. General Manager Teddy Long joined him soon thereafter. McIntyre said that his “citizenship issues” have been resolved.

McIntyre advised Long that he knows that he mistreated him and apologizes. Long called McIntyre a “liar” and knows that without Mr. McMahon’s backing, he will not receive any special treatment.

McIntyre said that wanted to nominate Long for the Hall of Fame at this year’s Wrestlemania XXVII set to be held in Long's hometown of Atlanta.

Long told that McIntyre the he would have to get on his knees and beg for a shot at Money in the Bank. Long told McIntyre that he would have to defeat Kofi Kingston tonight to qualify for the Money in the Bank match.


It was a nice way to kick off the show. McIntyre sold his apology very well. Teddy Long for the Hall of Fame is ridiculous.

Segment Rating: 7/10


(MITB Qualifying Match) Chavo Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP:

It was obvious that Vickie Guerrero set the match up to guarantee Ziggler’s spot on MITB. The match consisted mostly of double-teaming by Guerrero and Ziggler on MVP.

Guerrero saw an opportunity to get a shot at MITB and turned on Ziggler. It did not pay off for Guerrero in the end.

Vickie Guerrero pulled the referee out of the ring when MVP hit the Play of the Day on Chavo Guerrero. The distraction gave Ziggler the chance to lock in the sleeper hold and get the victory. Ziggler qualified for the Money in the Bank match.


The match was pretty bland because it was mostly full of stomps and basic punches. It was entertaining to see Chavo Guerrero turned on Ziggler, however. Ziggler deserves to be in the MITB match.

Match Rating: 6/10


Mysterio/Swagger Backstage Segment:

A physician commented on Mysterio’s ankle condition. Jack Swagger attacked Mysterio and put him in an ankle lock. He dragged him around the backstage area holding to the ankle lock the entire time. Eventually Big Show ran Swagger off to save the day.


It must be a new policy for the Smackdown writers to make the World Champion look weak. They did it with Swagger and now Mysterio. Swagger looked more dominant as the challenger than he did as the champion.

The guy acting like a doctor was really stupid.

Segment Rating: 4/10



Christian and Matt Hardy vs. Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins:


During the match Hardy went for the tag to Christian where he grabbed Hardy’s arm and pulled him out of the ring.

Christian left Hardy to fight Archer and Hawkins by himself. They hit their finishers on Hardy to get the win.


So, Hardy and Christian got into a dispute last week and they are paired up this week? I wonder what’s going to happen. I guess they might be turning Christian into a heel.

The Internet darling, Matt Hardy, needs to start running because he is looking badly out of shape. Terrible way to follow up there intriguing dispute from last week.

Match Rating: 5/10


(MITB qualifying Match) Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre:

The match was back and forth, with Kofi getting a few near falls in the first half.

McIntyre puts Kofi in a chin lock but Kofi is able to escape with a hip toss. Kofi landed some chops followed by a drop kick.

Kofi hits a jumping clothesline and then hits the Boom Boom Leg Drop. Kofi attempted the Trouble in Paradise but McIntyre ducked.

Kofi late hit a suicide drive onto McIntyre on the outside. Kofi prepared for another Boom Boom Leg Drop but McIntyre sent Kofi into the ring post. McIntyre hit his double arm DDT for the victory.


The match saved the first part of the show’s lackluster performances. McIntyre will likely win the briefcase and eventually take his destined World Championship.

Match Rating: 7/10


Straight Edge Society In-Ring Segment:

CM Punk and Luke Gallows are in the ring and call out Serena. Serena told Punk that he meant more to her than just being a leader. She said that she exposed her mistake to save Punk. Serena begged Punk to forgive her.

Gallows said that she is pathetic and that there is no way that Punk will forgive her. He insulted her further and said that it made him sick to think he once considered her a sister in SES. He said that he wanted to kick her out of the SES when they found her in the bar.

Gallows said that it is not his decision and it is up to Punk.

Punk said that the only good thing Gallows said so far tonight is that it is not his decision, it’s Punk’s. Punk forgave Serena and Gallows leaves the ring.


This is another great SES segment. I really like where they are taking this angle. I guess this angle is taking Punk off the Money in the Bank pay-per-view as he has no scheduled opponent.

Segment Rating: 9/10


“Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. JTG:

JTG takes control at the start of the match with a few lock ups. Cody turned it around and worked on JTG’s arm.

JTG tried to mount a comeback but failed when Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on him for the win.


Rhodes if finally gaining some traction in singles competition. I was surprised how easily JTG was defeated on television.

JTG and MVP may want to consider teaming up and calling themselves “Team Initials” since they are not in the top ten on the Smackdown roster.

Match Rating: 5/10


Kelly Kelly Backstage Segment:

Josh Matthews interviewed Kelly Kelly pointed out her victories over LayCool. LayCool interrupted and delivered a beat down on “Smelly Kelly.”


I am still not buying Kelly Kelly as a serious competitor. She has improved, but she isn’t at the championship level yet. The attack was as predictable as Christian’s turn on Hardy.

It seems that the WWE is using this year to build more upper-level stars.

Segment Rating: 4/10


Jack Swagger vs. Big Show:

Swagger and Show had a verbal battle before the match.

Swagger went for the ankle but Show got away. Show picked up Swagger and tossed him to the mat.

Show choked Swagger in the corner and landed the Shhh Chop. Show followed it up with a running back splash on the corner. Show sent Swagger to the outside with a shoulder tackle.

Swagger dropped Show across the top rope and then attempted another ankle lock. Show escaped and kicked Swagger to the ring floor.

They both exchanged punches until they both get counted out. Swagger laid out Show post-match.


It was a decent match but the ending was terrible. Nobody likes double count-outs. So they are selling Big Show vs. Swagger matches more than the upcoming title defense?

Match Rating: 6/10

Closing Segment:

Kane grabbed Swagger by the throat as he went through the curtain. Kane accused Swagger as the culprit on the attack of the Undertaker.

Swagger denied involvement and said he thought it was CM Punk. Swagger said that he will provide his alibi next week.


Final Thoughts:

Kane’s fury about his brother has apparently made him a feared competitor.

Kane is a jobber when he is not angry, but when he is, the crème of the crop are scared silly.

I don’t understand why Swagger would be afraid of Kane and feel the need to provide an alibi. It totally contradicts his new vicious side. He had just put Show down prior to his encounter with Kane.

The writing of last week’s show had very layered story lines and developed the segments very well.

I think that this week’s show was overall terrible with the exception to McIntyre/Kingston’s match and the SES segment.

This must have been a product of hasty writing without any long-term thought.