There's Not Enough Gimmicks in Wrestling Anymore!

Immortal Dilemma Contributor IIJuly 10, 2010

If there's a gimmick in wrestling nowadays, either it's overbearing, or just too plain like most now in the WWE, TNA, and the indies.

Most gimmicks that come in a style are dead now, like most styles nowadays in the media, they're too stale, like the dry fires McDonald's offers you.

Most gimmicks nowadays are the typical part that's being playedyoung, impressionable, willing to do whatever the top guy does face or heel, or just don't show up at all.

Classic Gimmicks are being FCC'ed

Gimmicks like the Stone Cold Steve Austin that was in the Attitude Era were perfect, but got old in the early millennium.

It just didn't stick with the fans that were getting into wrestling at the time, and those are the fans watching the WWE now.

When they say the Attitude Era "sucked," they say it sucked because of the old gimmicks or the look of the wrestlers back in the golden days of the era.

They believe this despite the lack of characters like The Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H and the Redneck-ish type character that was just out of control. Back then, it was cool to say that was accepted on TV and it was, but not anymore.

Sting's Gimmick

Then, there are the gimmicks that aren't original when they start, like with Sting when he returned in 1996, and early 1997, after four years of battling with various wrestlers that became one his most titled matches in his career.

His gimmick was based on being the hero that the kids looked up to. He would hardly speak and when he finally did, he chose to rise against the NWO. This made Sting one of the favorites at that time.

His gimmick, as in the look with the face paint, came from a popular movie that was released in 1994 titled "The Crow" with Brandon Lee.

Sting portrayed that character with some lack of differences, how WCW took Sting's character from a dying point in his career like Abyss’s character now in TNA.

Seems like almost every gimmick has a run in with the twilight of a wrestlers' career that could almost end.

We've seen Sting with the glam rock look in the early 1990s, seeming to be a decade old to a hero that looked badass.

John Cena turns into Heel: WWE wins 

Some say that John Cena is lame and that he is just for kids. I say, turn the man into a Heel, and we might get the rapper that we saw years ago.

If, and only if, the WWE can pull that off, then I’ll watch it again. Seems when he's face, he's just plain.

I never knew John Cena served for the US forces. It’s like ever since he won the US title, his whole character changed into the "hardcore I don't care what the fans think, I’ll still insult you until your pants stink."

It got even worse when he got the main event push into the WWE title spotlight. Now, his character is hated, and fans are looking at his wrestling abilities that suck. Cena is now a mix of The Rock, Stone Cold, and a slight bit of Triple H.

WWE Gimmicks

One thing that the WWE is doing right now is giving young talent a lot more time than the veterans.

I'm looking for Matt Sydal to get the main event push because he could be the WWE's next big star, and like every wrestler now, he doesn't have a story, it’s just he is in Cena’s Army. (That's Evan Bourne - ED.)

It gets even worse. Randy Orton isn't the Legend Killer that I remember. When he punted the chairman in the head, it seemed like he was not going to be champion for awhile.

From what I saw last week (yes, I actually switched to RAW last Monday) he is getting like Edge is now.

Yeah, they both have stories and gimmicks going, but they're just too plain and nothing like the Stone Cold one, which is good.

Gimmick matches are not original

Even gimmick matches are dead.

I hate to say it, but it seems like every wrestling company's matches now are too plain. It’s just "Hey you fight that face and that heel lose in a non-creative way and the fans milk it all year long."

WWE even copied TNA to make their PPV's based on that particular match. TNA isn't going to get a pat on the back and say they did well and didn't copy the WWE; why?

TNA went as far to copy the "King of the Ring Match" revamped as "King of the Mountain" with special gimmick stipulations.

At the end of the day, the fans can agree that TNA and the WWE will always copy each other and not notice it. Even ECW was copying the WWE at the time they both were trying to go the extra edge and be hardcore in barbaric matches. 

WWE even had nights where the Hardcore title was being shifted anytime at every hour.

Indies Gimmicks

Wrestling companies will always copy each other, it’s just natural for them to choose not to take notice of what the rival does.

Ring of Honor doesn’t have special matches like a cage match or a “tie your guys neck up and hang 'em match.” I have yet to see a gimmick match that is like WWE’s classics or TNA's epics.

It's not bad, it’s more of wrestling then being focused around gimmick type matches since the accusation of Jim Cornette.

He brought some gimmick matches here and there, but not enough like most thought he would. Ring of Honor is just one of many indie companies.

But Combat Zone Wrestling just brings out the over-the-top gimmick hardcore matches. They have hardcore matches that are brutal, but it is to the point that you can see the guys milking the match from the get go.

With every hit, they milk it to where it seems like they get a high off of getting hurt, and that’s just not cool to me. It is too much for just too little.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, most wrestlers go through changes, and I guess some wrestlers are undergoing those changes now. 

Every year, for new and old talents, gimmicks are what the fans love. I will watch wrestling for a long time, and will see problems, and then have a pro and con session at home.

But, the time will come when I will just sit down, watch, and then wonder. 


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