Elite Xc Becomes the new XFL!

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2008

The EliteXC show this past weekend was a disaster on every possible level. The shows ratings and live attendance were down big time  from the last show. This should signal the beginning of the end for this wannabe MMA promotion. The ratings were down 43% and the live crowd had 2,800 comped tickets to fatten the crowd according to reports. Even local fighter Nick Diaz could not keep this train on the tracks

There have been the expected excuses from the apologists already. From the obvious " Kimbo wasn't there" and "Gina wasn't there" to " there was no preparation time"

Kelly Kahl, Senior Executive Vice President for CBS Primetime said “We didn’t have our ‘A-plus’ draws on the card" That is nice to know

I don't buy that garbage.

The main even Saturday featured a rematch between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith. The fight went exactly as expected. Lawler dominated the first fight until the B.S. ending, so why would this one be any different? Smith showed great heart but was not going to beat Lawler. Good for him to at least get another payday.

When you put out a sub par product the first time most folks will not come back for a second. The train wreck factor was a huge part of the first shows success. The curiosity of Kimbo Slice and the hope he would get beat by hardcore MMA fans were huge factors. That sounds just like the plight of the XFL. Huge splash at first, and then the huge crash when people saw it was a joke of a product.

Kimbo Slice will be back in October unfortunately for true MMA fans. He will probably be fed another tomato can that he will struggle to beat or be in another fixed fight like his grazing shoulder punch "knockout" of Bo Cantrell. Only if they get an opponent who may actually beat Slice will they get the ratings back up.

Then they can do us all a favor and take this lea ridden dog out back and shoot it once and for all.