Why They Hate the SEC: The Second Reason

Drew EmersonCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

Judging from the comments in my last article, everyone naturally gravitates to explaining the real reason why the other college conferences hate the SEC-that being the fact that we are better.  Remember folks, let's not argue fact.  On the other hand, we should examine ourselves, and our own "betterness", if you will, in order to provide the fans of these other conferences some solice. 

In order to further your understanding of why the other conferences hate the SEC, I will now let you in on a little secret, which happens to be the second reason why "they"-those fans in in the other conferences that follow their teams like old people followed Steve Gutenberg back in the 1980's-hate everything about us.

The second reason why they hate us is because even when we lose, we still win. 

Force any team in the country to play Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi State every year, and very few will come out with an eleven win season and a national championship. 

The reason for this is because OF the teams that have been perennial losers the last five or so years, none of them would be scared to play Hawaii on a yearly bases.  The reason these "inferior" teams scoff at Hawaii like the French guy from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" who demanded to his pitiful enemies, "Now go away or I will be forced to insult you another time," is because the SEC has four Hawaii's, and OUR'S actually play good defense. 

The end result is that the SEC is largely a monster of its own making.  While there are contenders every year, Georgia and Florida recently, which could be considered the starting teams, our backups, such as Alabama and Mississippi State, could lose the normal five games and still sling the likes of Colt Brennan around like Dancing with the Stars on crack.

Thanks for the great responses on my last "why they hate us", keep 'em up and I'll continue the series later this week.

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