TNA Is Crap/WWE Is Gold: The Double Standard

A P.Contributor IJuly 9, 2010

Most people will read this article and think I'm some kind of mark, but really, as much as I defend TNA, I bash them just the same.  Besides, TNA has so many critics and people bashing them that they need people like me to defend them any chance they get.
Now, I'm a fan of wrestling whether it be TNA or WWE, but it seems that everyone bashes TNA while WWE gets away with some stale shows.  In NY it's like Mets/Yankees.  The Mets always get bashed while the Yankees are the kings of baseball.
 TNA will never have the production budget WWE has so when watching TNA, especially the newcomers, you have to take that into account and watch the show for what it is.  A small budget show that doesn't have 20+ yrs of trial and error.
 One issue people have with TNA is with their characters and I happen to agree, however, WWE is doing no better.  Granted the nexus angle is good but doesn't anybody look at these guys.  Only Wade Barrett has the look of a champion or even a superstar, every one else needs a character makeover.  I mean look at these guys people.  And don't get me started on other's like Sheamus.
Now one of the main points that people bash TNA for is how horrible they book certain spots on their shows and how stupid they can be.  Well did anyone see this past RAW.  How horrible was it to see the last hour of Raw being promoted as a hand shake between John Cena and Wade Barrett, REALLY, Wow, and people bash TNA!
Last, people continuously bash how long the matches are on Impact.  So much so that they include it in their reports and make it a point to use.  However, I never see WWE get this.  What? Are they immune to being placed on a standard of judging the timing of a wrestling match, just because they call themselves sports entertainment?  Almost all the matches on RAW this past week were less than TWO AND A HALF MINUTES. TWO AND A HALF PEOPLE.
TNA has a long way to go to match the crowds and the production that WWE offers and I don't know if they will ever catch up.  WWE is pulling people in, finally, with a fresh, and intriguing story line.  TNA needs this, and an ECW angle does not cut it.  But, what I, and most wrestling fans out there do know, is that TNA has a tremendous roster of talent.  If only they can get their writing, and what production they do have, to step up, then we will have some great shows.  And for the love of everything get the Heck out of the Impact Zone!.