Brian Brohm Inks Deal, Packers Reap Benefits

Aren DowCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

Believe it or not, there are actually Packers besides Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

As training camp opened Sunday, Packer fans were looking to see newly-signed rookies take the field, including QB Brian Brohm.

After free falling to nearly the third round to the Packers, to say it was disappointing for Brohm would be an understatement. He was highly touted, first on Kiper's draft board before Brohm's senior season, and many considered it highway robbery to be drafted by the Packers.

Here comes the good part. Whether or not you like how Ted Thompson has handled the Favre fiasco, you can't deny that this reported contract put a smile on your face: Four years, $3.5 million.

With a league starving for QBs right now, to lock up a backup QB with incredible potential will pay huge dividends down the road. Most likely with draft picks.

The money isn't an issue, as the Packers are currently well under the salary cap.

What boggles my mind is how Thompson got Brohm for four years after the Packers have committed so much to Aaron Rodgers. You would think Brohm would want to play, and he would realize that Green Bay probably isn't the place where that is going to happen.

Head coach Mike McCarthy sees the potential Brohm has. "I'll tell you, Brian Brohm is as sharp a young quarterback that I have been around," head coach Mike McCarthy praised, "and that's a big statement because I have been fortunate enough to coach some very bright quarterbacks in their first and second year in the league. I have been very impressed with the way he picks up the scheme and the way he is able to communicate it."

So what could the Packers get for Brohm, assuming Rodgers pans out?

Matt Schaub was traded to the Texans after they, and the Falcons, swapped first-round picks. Even career backups like Patrick Ramsey and Charlie Frye were traded for sixth rounders.

The Packers will essentially have the same problem as the Browns, both drafting QBs high but with no intention of starting them. Oh, except Brohm doesn't have the $9 million tag on him like Brady Quinn does.

Brian Brohm is going to help out the Packers one way or another. If Rodgers falters in his first season, Brohm could step up in 2009 and the Packers would have him locked up through 2011. Otherwise, he becomes enticing trade fodder for a QB hungry team.

It's good to see some things coming together in Green Bay.