What We've Learned From LeBron James' Free Agency Decision

Michael ClineSenior Analyst IJuly 8, 2010

GREENWICH, CT - JULY 08:  LeBron James speaks at the LeBron James announcement of his future NBA plans at the Boys & Girls Club of America on July 8, 2010 in Greenwich, Connecticut. James announced during a live broadcast on ESPN that he will play for the Miami Heat next season.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Estabrook Group)
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

" The Decision"

The Interview is done and the verdict is in.  Made possible by an hour long program called "The Decision" broadcasted by our friends at ESPN, LeBron James just made a decision heard around the globe.

I admit that I got pulled into the hype and watched the beginning portion of the program and Jim Gray ask question after question, to hear right from the cat's mouth what the decision was, and I don't even like professional basketball.

Why? The story was pretty compelling and I couldn't be the last person in the world to know who LeBron was going to be playing for next year.  It was a moment in sports history that we'll remember for years like Wayne Gretzky’s trade to Los Angeles as a transaction that changed the game.  One that ESPN's Adam Shefter even tweeted "will be one of those 'I remember where I was when I heard' sports moments".

I’m not completely certain of that, but I did recognize a few things during this circus that I'd thought you'd like to know:

No. 1 - I'm ridiculous.

After all was said and done, the first thought in my mind was: "Did I really just watch that?" I'm pretty ashamed and I'd like to apologize to my parents. They raised me better than this.

No. 2 - LeBron James is ridiculous.

Of course this is only my opinion and not the opinion of bleacher report (even though they did tweet "LeBron is a fool"). But that's neither here nor there.

LeBron James going on television to tell the world that he was leaving Cleveland is as bad as a dude breaking up with his girlfriend with a text message. 

I really thought since he was doing the announcement on TV he was going to tell the world that nothing would keep him from his one true love: Cleveland, Ohio. 

But I was wrong and the citizens of Cleveland, who have already suffered enough, our heartbroken once again. 

No. 3 - ESPN is ridiculous.

Are you seeing the theme? 

I must admit that I watch a lot of ESPN (By a lot I mean an maybe an unhealthy amount.   I work from home and I always have my TV on during that time. Mostly it's on ESPN). It's easy to watch a sporting event without getting too distracted.  However, I must say that I'm disappointed that they agreed to participate in this circus. Opening the door to this kind of hoopla will only guarantee that there is more hoopla to come. 

I understand as a fan that there is business involved in the sporting world. I understand that sacrifices have to be made to make that money, but nobody likes to be pulled around like a 4 year old at Six Flags. 

If the brass at ESPN would have denied LeBron's request for an hour long special to announce his decision, he would have had to make the announcement the way that everyone else did. 

I'm sorry ESPN, but I'm selling the idea of an hour long special program to announce a player's business decision.


Now that "The Summer of LeBron" is over, it's time we can move on to more pressing subject matter, like the FIFA World Cup final. Nevermind, that's another article in and of itself.