The Riddler Report: Ex WWE/WCW/TNA Star Scott Hall in Rough Shape

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Hello readers I have some sad news to report. As reported on 24Wrestling:

Scott Hall has been hospitalized for double pneumonia, which affects both the lungs. The following message was issued on his behalf by his webmaster on his MySpace account:

“Scott is in the hospital with double pneumonia, has a cough for several weeks.. but just thought I guess he was too damned tough to go to the Dr… anyway.. to all of you that Pray.. remember him in your prayers.. He’s feeling really rough. Recovery is going to take some time.. but he will be back..”

My Opinion:

I want to be the first one to say that Scott had no business coming back to wrestling after burning so many bridges. He was just not able to wrestle like he did earlier.He was not in good shape nor in good health at all.

But being long time fan of his I would like to say that it is really sad to know that he has been hospitalized. With Pro Wrestling having lost many wrestlers in the last 3 years, I hope that he does not add to that list. My best wishes to you Scott I hope you get better and maybe this experience will help to fight your demons and you can come out a better sober man.

I am not a religious person but if anyone wants to say a silent prayer for Scott please feel free to do so if you can.

What do you readers,think?

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