Bader Vs. Minotoro: An Epic Light Heavyweight War To Co-Headline UFC 119

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IJuly 8, 2010

UFC 119 might as well be called "The Night of the Nogueiras", because Rodrigo is headlining and Rogerio is co-headlining.

Who did Rogerio draw?

Ryan Bader.

Now, Bader doesn't sem like that big a threat, but I consider him a prospect at light heavyweight along with Jon Jones.

He's an outstanding wrestler and he can take down people in a style all his own.

He's going to have a rough time with Rogerio Nogueira though.

Little Nog is coming off of the controversial win over Jason Brilz, which everyone thought he lost.

I was glad Nogueira won since that's who I backed at UFC 114, but I did think that Brilz could have won.

The only problem is that Brilz left it to the judges.

Don't worry, though. I got a feeling that this one won't have the same result, but it will be exciting.

What Nogueira lacks in Wrestling, he makes up for in his BJJ and in his submission defense.

I'd say Nogueira's right up there with Bader on striking, but who can tell?

So the question now is will Bader win or will Nogueira win?

Pretty good question, ain't it?

Like with the Mir-Nogueira II piece, I'm not going to go deeper into this fight just yet.

Instead, I'm going to allow you Bleacherholics to vent your thoughts on how you see this fight going before the fight is even hyped.

I could say both Nogueiras win or I could say Mir and Bader win, but I don't know that any strategy that I could suggest to either individual involved would even be within the question with so much time between now and UFC 119.

So now you let me know, Bleacherholics...

Darth Bader or Minotoro Nogueira.

Who will walk out the winner?