WWE: Divas Division in Disarray

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2010

What in the world is going on with the Divas? They are a hitting a new low, week in and week out, and all we can do is hope that Beth Phoenix or Melina come back to action sooner rather than later. While this decline has been going on for years (and especially within the last few months since Mickie James was released by the company), the large problems seem to hit constant lows.

There are no real feuds going on at the moment. Of course, we have a Diva winning a title and then losing it to another Diva. Then, the two have a few matches and the action goes back and forth for a month or two. Following that routine, we have a new batch of Divas doing the same thing over and over.

At the very least, and I still object to this, but at the end of the Mickie James era, we had "Piggie James." This was a low in the Divas Division, but at LEAST it was a feud. Can anyone think of a feud worth remembering since then? 

Maryse and Alicia Fox have been going at it for the Divas Championship. Oh wait, wasn't it Eve Torres who was the Divas champ? We can't forget about her, so WWE just throws her into matches from time to time.

It is clear the WWE isn't sure who to root for, making the fans clueless as well. Divas are just thrown together in matches without any thought put into them. It's as if they are told, "Here, just go out there and look pretty."

Not only do we have two different titles for women, we have a co-Womens champions. We have a mini stable called LayCool that WWE likes to keep around, and since there are no tag teams in the Divas Division, they decided to put belts on both women.

This only weakens the Women's Championship. What if WWE decided to have WWE co-Championship? This would just confuse everybody.

Now that Michelle McCool is married to the Undertaker, I expect her to be a champion for quite some time.

If you marry someone high in the business you will be in the spotlight. Just look at Triple H as an example. I just hope WWE uses McCool wisely and doesn't just throw her in random matches that have no meaning.

Come on, WWE, give me something worth watching.

My guess is that LayCool will stick around much longer than we care to see. With top stars injured or having been recently released, there seems to be little hope for the future of the Women's Division.

WWE is trying to make new Diva stars, but with the lack of real feuds or any clear direction, this seems to be a lost cause.