Hoopin' in Heaven: Deion Jackson-Houston, A Fallen Star Basketball Recruit

Mike Pendleton@MP2310Correspondent IJuly 8, 2010

This article is different then any other I have written so far. This article does not bash or take anything away from anyone. This article is written to remember someone you were all going to hear about.

Deion Jackson-Houston was a 2012 college basketball recruit with tons of talent, and on July 3rd, 2010, the car that Deion was driving was struck by a train (for more info on the accident Google his name, I will not speak of his death).

If you don't believe me when I say this was a very talented kid, you can check out just a "few" of the schools that had interest in this young star point guard from Ducanville, Texas, if you follow this link: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/recruiting/player-Deion-Jackson-Houston-93754#college_choices

This article, as I have said before, is different from the others. Deion was a kid I never met, but if you look at what he did in his high school career that shouldn't have ended, you will see that sooner or later the name Deion Jackson-Houston was going to be heard on your television while watching SportsCenter highlight reels.

That's what he was. He made highlights, and he was going to bring his game to the eyes of all of us, but in the eyes of Deion's friends he was just a kid. A kid. News of Deion's passing was first brought to my attention by 2010 LSU commit KC Ross Miller, who I interviewed for my sports show online. 

KC Ross Miller is a very humble young man and always focuses on his game. He speaks with intelligence and presents himself well, so when I saw the impact that Deion Jackson-Houston's death had on KC I just had to write this article. KC was upset, asking God, "Why?" Why did he have to take such a young talented young man who KC saw as his little bro? Was there any reason for it?"

The answer is, no. There is no reason, but in life sometimes things happen for no reason, so what we all must sit back and realize is that basketball is just a game, and those that bring our attention to it are the players, the kids, the talented men and women who put it all out there for us to enjoy. And Deion Jackson-Houston was one of the few that would've gone big.

So, in Memory of Deion Jackson-Houston, I write this article to remember a young, phenomenal, not only athlete, but kid. He was just a kid, but impacted those around him, on and off the court. This article goes out to everyone that knew Deion as a player, teammate, friend, family member and person. We would've all known him if it wasn't for this tragic event. Even as I write this I'm not afraid to admit I became tear eyed and my thoughts and prayers go out to those that knew Deion Jackson-Houston and to those that would've known him. He was only 17 years young. May he Rest In Peace.

In Memory of Deion Jackson-Houston 

June 23rd, 1993-July 3rd 2010

Gone too soon, a phenomenal athlete, but more importantly a phenomenal person.