Early Review of the New WWE Studios Film, Legendary, Starring John Cena

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJuly 8, 2010

On a day where the biggest story is where LeBron James will play basketball (go Heat!), a new story must be heard. It's the story of the new WWE Films project, Legendary .

It is the first WWE Film to not have a WWE Superstar as the main star of the movie. While John Cena is a huge part of this movie, the real star of it is the kid.

The inspirational movie is about a young kid, played by Devon Graye, who wants to become a wrestler at his high school. His father was a former champion and his brother, played by John Cena, was an All-American amateur wrestler.

Cena plays Mike, a man in and out of jail and seemingly struggling through life. He sees that his brother wants to become a wrestler, just like him. So, he decides to help him. The kid's mother, played by Academy Award nominee Patricia Clarkson, doesn't really want her young son wrestling.

She also wants her oldest son, Mike, to get his life straight. But what she doesn't realize is that the two brothers grow closer through wrestling. Mike slowly gets his life on track and grows closer with his family, and his brother realizes his dream.

Danny Glover also makes a huge part of this film, and is said to have delivered a great performance yet again.

The trailer has been released by WWE Studios, and you can watch it here .

It seems to be, in my opinion, a great film by the WWE. While it won't be released until September, many feel it could be the first WWE Studios hit.

While the WWE has produced some good action movies in the past, that seemed to just be it. There was a lot of action, and limited acting that makes most movies great. With this movie not having the usual explosions and car racing type of things, it had to have great story and most importantly, great acting.

While John Cena is not the best actor I have seen come from the WWE, he looks as if he really tried to deliver his best for this film. And you have to give him credit, he had to learn all of those lines while getting a RAW script to go with it every week.

Keep in mind, Cena hardly missed a show when filming this movie. So, he can easily be seen as the hardest worker in the WWE today, and probably all of entertainment. Yeah, more than Ryan Seacrest.

The good part about having Clarkson and Glover in the movie is that you know you're going to get an all-star performance from their characters. Clarkson's character is highly important to this film; as the mother, she is a massive supporting star and if she is off in any way, so is the film.

It's probably the reason most films don't get Oscar nods, because the supporting star doesn't come up to a great level and the film's overall performance is thrown off.

Graye, who is the main star of the movie and a no-name guy right now in Hollywood, from the trailer looks to have given a nice performance. I guess we'll see in the movie if it's good enough to get him anywhere in Hollywood.

I feel that WWE Studios needs this film to be great, because this film is not your standard action movie and is more of a sports drama.  It needs to be good so the WWE Studios executives can sit down and realize that pure action films are not the only thing that will sell.

As a movie studio, you cannot be one dimensional. While an action film is good to have from a studio, you cannot rely on those types of films alone to survive in the movie business.

Adding good comedies and dramas that may have nothing to do with sports or action would be good to have if you can get the right story and the right people in it.

The Marine may be the highest selling movie in WWE Studios history, but it only got a little over $30 million. And while that is a wonderful start, they have not gotten near that total with any other film.

I know you want to stay true to the WWE roots, but if you want to make it in the movie industry, you won't survive with only action films—it's just that simple.

If this business didn't have another billion dollar business backing it in the WWE itself, then the doors probably would have been shut by now.

The better the films, the more the A-list actors will want in on the projects. Thus, the better the actors, the more like people will go see the movie.

This is why having a guy like Danny Glover is HUGE for the WWE to cast in the Legendary movie.

I feel this will be a great movie, and one WWE Studios can be proud of. As I mentioned, the release date is set to be this September.

I recommend checking it out—I know I will. When I do, you better believe I'll let you know what I think.

But what do you think? Does the trailer make this movie look interesting to you?


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