Start 21 Might Tell the Tale, and Foreshadow How Kyle Busch's Season Will End

Mitchell HallCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

After the great show we all endured at Indy, we now get to look forward to an even longer, and probably more boring race, at Pocono.  Yes Pocono, and yes I know we were just there a few short weeks ago. 

If you remember this year's first race at Pocono, it was Kyle Busch's worst finish of the year; he finished 43rd.  That was also the weekend he tried the triple for the first time.  As a result, neither of his three races that weekend were all that great. 

That weekend and the next were significant for one other reason.  Pocono and the following race at Michigan is the only time all season that Kyle has failed to get a top 10 finish for more than one week.  In that case he managed a 13th to follow up his 43rd at Pocono. 

Thus I believe this weekend might be the gauge to tell us all how Kyle will fare in his pursuit of championship number one.  Coming off a weekend at Indy where he managed to lead a few laps through pit strategy only to finish 15th, he will be thrown back into Pocono, the home of his most dismal finish of the year.  One of two scenarios will emerge, and tell us what to expect. 

If he fails to greatly improve on his last place finish from his most recent trip there, he might be telling us that this championship can be taken from him by the likes of Jimmie Johnson and the rest of his former teammates at Hendrick's. 

Yet, if he shows us his ability to pull it together and improve his performance, that ability that he has made so familiar this year, he might just be telling us that he can't be stopped. 

Perhaps the bigger test will come as the Chase starts at New Hampshire, where Kyle suffered another of his worst finishes of the year, finishing 25th. 

A few things are for sure...This year is flying by.  Kyle is still having a banner year.  Goodyear needs some competition in NASCAR.  At least we won't have to listen to all the complaining if Jimmie Johnson starts winning every week.  Thank God racing at IRP/ORP is so good!  If you missed the two races there this weekend, you really didn't see any racing at all.