WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: Here Comes The Moneeeeey (To Set Order)!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2008

For the past few weeks, Monday Night RAW has been completely chaotic. With anarchy running wild since none one has been in charge, tonight the son of the Chairman will address the RAW locker room and the fans.


As Shane McMahon makes his way to RAW tonight, what is he thinking? After he and his sister Stephanie McMahon pleaded for unity and civility, those demands were ignored.


As Shane McMahon steps in that ring tonight, how will his demeanour be?  Will he update us on Vince McMahon’s condition? And will he settle order to RAW by appointing a General Manager to run the ship?


Whoever the GM will be, the first priority will be sorting out the World Heavyweight Title picture.


With newly crowned champion CM Punk still barely holding on to his title, everyone is gunning for him! Batista still hasn’t had had fair match against Punk—no doubt that makes him the front-runner in The Animal’s mind.


What about the recently psychotic Kane? His behaviour has become more and more radical. No doubt the Big Red Machine wants gold back around his waist. And who is he talking about when he says “Is he alive...or is he dead?”


But there’s more! John Cena and JBL have been in a feud fuelling back since their Wrestlemania battle a few years ago.  Both former WWE Champions believe they deserve a shot at the World Title.


How will the new G.M decide between all these worthy opponents? Find out tonight on RAW!


Also on RAW tonight, what will Chris Jericho and Lance Cade have to say or do? Jericho says he has ended the career of the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels at The Great American Bash. This isn’t about saving us anymore, it’s about saving himself! What kind of condition is Michaels in tonight, and will he even be able to show up?


Finally, last week we saw the return of D’Lo Brown! The former “Attitude Era” superstar returned with a victory against Santino Marella. But it’s what happened after the match that is getting people talking. After a brief tussle between Marella and Beth Phoenix, they stared into each other’s eyes...and kissed! Are The Glamazon and Santino...an item?


Writers note: Their new couple name should be “Calzon” (check your Italian Food dictionary people)


All this and so much more as order will be set on RAW by Shane McMahon. But will he be successful?


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