Speak Up And Be Heard: NXT 7/6/10 Review

Andrew AbbensettContributor IIJuly 7, 2010

NXT this week was a giant step down from the previous weeks. It was…average. There were a few bright spots but nothing really stood out this week. Well, at least it was a solid episode.

First Segment: Talk the Talk Challenge

The bright spot of the episode didn’t disappoint at all. All seven rookies showed exemplary mic skills that topped season one’s rookies. Percy was classic as always, Kaval sounded like Vin Diesel, Eli Cottonwood, Michael McGullicutty, and Husky Harris were ok, Lucky Cannon’s metaphor was outstanding, and Alex Riley just complained the night away. Pretty good start of the show.

Segment Rating: 8/10

First Match: Percy Watson vs. Michael McGullicutty

This whole match was all back and forth, which is good; however; it lacked pizzazz. No, finishers, no arrogance whatsoever; it was just an average match. One thing to note is that post match teased a heel turn for Michael McGullicutty.

Match Rating: 7/10

Second Match: The Miz vs. Kaval

If The Miz faced anyone else besides Kaval, this definitely would’ve been the worst match of the night. The Miz sucked so much last night; but Kaval, being the worker that he is, sold gold and made the Miz look awesome. He was the reason why the match didn’t suffer but if Kaval was more on the offensive, it could’ve been much better.

Match Rating: 6.5/10

Third Match: Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon vs. Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris

Thanks to Kaval, this match became the worst one of the night. Like the first match, it had no pizzazz, just big men bumping each other around. That’s not fun at all! Big men are supposed to break an entire ring when they collide together. I was gypped!

Match Rating: 6/10

Overall, it was a subpar episode of NXT; but it wasn’t without anticipation for next week’s episode. Nexus is coming to disturb the peace yet again but on NXT and more importantly, Percy Watson is getting his own talk show. Hopefully, my hopes for a good episode next week won’t be shattered yet again.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10