How Well Is Your Tackle Working?

Jess KContributor IIIJuly 7, 2010

Summer is in full swing and fishing season is underway.  The only problem is that your fishing reel keeps sticking and your drag knob keeps making odd noises while you are reeling it in. 

If you happen to have a high quality reel that you are otherwise rather happy with, it is possible that the parts that come into contact with the water have rusted.  This is a common occurrence after a few years of use, and rust can still be present even after rather thorough cleaning sessions.  If you are into saltwater fishing, your reel is also regularly exposed to salt, sand, bacteria, and dirt, which can eventually clog up moving parts and corrode your equipment. 

While routine cleaning can help the corrosion of your fishing reel, the reel's performance can still decline over the years due to the areas of the reel in need of cleaning that is unreachable by human hands. 

Traditional methods of cleaning fishing reels tips are slowly disappearing and being replaced by equipment such as a “Sonicator” or an “Ultrasonic Cleaner.”   When utilizing this process, your fishing reel is put into a tank that is filled with the cleaning solution that comes along with the cleaner.  These cleaners then use high frequency sound waves in order to stir up microscopic bubbles that forcefully implode and distribute the cleaning solution over the entire reel. 

This process is referred to as cavitation, as it forces embedded particles and contaminants out of the fishing reel.  Not only is this process more gentle for the equipment, but it is more efficient than attempting to clean the parts manually, as sonic cleansers have the ability to reach into the places that are otherwise inaccessible. 

Ultrasonic Cleansers come available in various models and shapes in the market.  However, an ideal cleaner for fishing reels should take no more that 30 minutes to complete.  As with many products, it is not recommended to opt for the cheapest version of this sort of cleaner as you run the risk of acquiring a product that is less effective.  Choose a mid-priced, sturdy ultrasonic cleaner and you will keep your expensive fishing gear in good condition for many years to come. 

When maintaining your reels, always be sure to follow some simple guidelines.  Keep your reels covered when you are not using them and avoid laying them out on the ground.  Clean then with and ultrasonic cleaner once a month and your gear will last a lifetime.