WWE: July 5th Monday Night Raw Review

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIINovember 1, 2016

This week's Raw was live from Nashville, Tennessee. A Raw that focused on the Money in the Bank match and the Nexus angle.

The Nexus/Cena Promo

I really enjoyed this segment, even though it had little chance of being worse than anything last week.

Barrett’s mic skills were good, and Sheffield drew some impressive heat, by the Nexus standard.

Cue John Cena. Out he comes with Morrison, R-Truth, Orton, Bourne, and The Hart Dynasty and a mini-brawl ensues until Edge, Jericho, Miz, DiBiase, Sheamus, and The Usos come out and attack Cena and company, allowing The Nexus to escape.

Then, the ominous noise that signifies a fake e-mail received by Sean Cole. I never knew that receiving an e-mail used up so much power that the lights flickered. I guess it’s to stop the talent speaking over the "beep" as they did last week.

It was only a matter of time before WWE threw Austin’s name out there as a red herring.




John Morrison vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Is it just me, or is WWE putting these two in a match at every opportunity?

Sadly, the quality of their matches has deteriorated ever since their first encounter on Raw a few months ago.

This match lasted all of three minutes and wasn’t worthwhile, to be honest. Morrison hit one nice clothesline and that was it for the match.

Its amazing that Morisson’s coat looks as good on Maryse as it does on him.




Santino Marella & Kozlov vs. Wiliam Regal & The Great Khali

Ok, who let Vince Russo book this match? If he didn’t, it reeked of TNA.

Khali is suddenly a heel, then attacks Regal and is a babyface again?

Come on, if you want to take the piss out of TNA, just get a balding old man with a bad back, a limp, average mic skills, and one eye looking at the camera while the other looks for the camera. Then let him take an unbelievably long time to walk down the ramp and enter the ring.

Then, have him insert himself into the spotlight at every opportunity and stutter throughout his promo throughout the show. Even I thought of that!

Again, I feel so sorry for Regal. One of the great technical wrestlers working a worthless undercard match.




Arn Anderson/Sheamus Confrontation

It was interesting to watch this segment. The classic ''seasoned veteran advising the cocky rookie.''

However, Arn may have been exaggerating just a tad. If the Cerebral Assassin returns the way he is rumoured to, all will be safe in WWE.




The Miz attacks R-Truth

A nice little angle to further their feud. The Miz costing Truth his place in MITB should add a little sizzle to this mini-feud.

For those of you who don’t know the real story behind, here it is:

Truth injured his groin at a house show a couple of weeks ago. It was expected that he would be fit for the pay-per-view but he won’t be. Hence WWE wrote him out of the match with an ''arm injury.''




The Cutting Edge

This was a great segment.

Edge and Jericho both vying for the alliance of The Nexus? I love it.

Then, to top that, Jericho likes to believe he is responsible for all the chaos because he mentored Barrett?

Now, that’s the narcissistic asshole we’ve all come to love!

The physicality towards the end capped off the segment nicely and showed that it’s every man for himself at Money in the Bank.

However, the best example of this was yet to come.




Edge & Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne & Randy Orton

This was a great TV match. The fans popped hugely for both Bourne and Orton and the tension between Jericho and Edge was very entertaining.

This tag match sort of revived the classic layout for tag matches. It featured all the elements:

Momentum swapping from team to team, a sneak attack while your partner distracts the referee, the double 10-count, a hot tag, and dissension in the ranks.

The match also featured clotheslines, outside dives, a spear, and a shooting star press.

I liked the way the finish emphasised the "Every man for himself" tag and the RKO on Bourne achieved the same thing.

A great match.




Here’s a quick recap of the backstage segments:

Orton & Nexus

An interesting idea pitched to Orton. I wouldn’t be surprised if he accepted it. Looks like WWE is trying out new ways to freshen up the storyline.


The Usos Interview

Only noteworthy item was the announcement of the tag title match at MITB. By the way, I can’t tell which one is Jimmy and which one is Jay either.


Alicia’s "Interview"

Nothing special but very true. She wasn’t interviewed once since her win, which highlights how much the WWE values the divas.


Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

Nothing special. Not even average. After a better than normal few matches recently, the divas slumped to their usual lows.

The finish should, I repeat, should, get Alicia some heat but this is the divas we’re talking about, and the live audience couldn’t have cared less.




Wade Barrett-Cena Confrontation/Brawl/Cena Attacks Young

The confrontation was OK, but it seemed to drag on a bit—maybe because we all knew the outcome.

The brawl was nice, as we had an even contest for once.

I was surprised at the pop Mark Henry received.

However, I am going to focus most of my attention on John Cena’s attack on Darren Young, and rightly so.

It's becoming a regular fixture now on Raw—schizophrenic Cena. One minute, he’s superman Cena who panders to children and dances like an idiot. The next minute, he’s serious Cena and kicking some serious ass.

Why can’t we have less of the former and more of the latter?

This was the most entertaining Cena segment in the last two or three years. He went absolutely nuts—and it suited him.

Props to Young, too. I’ve never seen someone take a shot to the ring post like that….or that sick bump to the head with the steel steps.

A great ending to Raw.




Final Thoughts

Tonight’s Raw was better than last week - but that wasn’t a hard thing to achieve.

The opening segment teased the main event segment well, while the anonymous General Manager "emails," although slightly annoying, added to the anticipation.

The best match of the night was Orton & Bourne vs. Edge & Y2J.

The Cutting Edge was also great, but the highlight of the night has to go to the final segment, simply because we saw what John Cena is really capable of.


Final Rating: 3.7/5


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