Squared Circle Blog : Nexus Overheating

Lamar BoltonContributor IJuly 6, 2010

“Squared Circle Blog: Nexus over heating?”

Well just when you think it can’t get anymore absurd, dammed if it doesn’t. Monday nights Raw was a prime example of heels garnering eat for heat’s sake and nothing more.  I sure hope they have a big blow off for this or there will be some backlash to it. 

Calling themselves Nexus, the group that has the net buzzing about their antics with John Cena and the Chairman of the Board Mister McMahon.  Now depending on your perspective,they upped the anti or reached a whole new low. It started about half way through the show when backstage agent and hall of famer Ricky the Dragon Steamboat was honored by all of the legends that worked back stage. Michel Hayes, Mike Rotunda, Arn Anderson , Dean Malenko and the King himself Jerry Lawler came out to pay their respects to the Dragon on the release of the new DVD chronicling his career

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ths is a repost of an article I wrote last week.