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Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2008

There isn't much to talk about right now in the NBA. All the major stars are signed, big stories have been regurgitated over and over again, and it's really hard to find news that's, well, new.

So, I scoured the internet in hopes of finding some stories that I can really report, without just going on another binge about how Team USA is going to fare under pressure or about how Team USA is going to be so good.


Atlanta Hawks Close to Replacing Josh Childress

The NBA is the top basketball league in the world—for now. Players are starting to bolt for other countries. First, it was Brandon Jennings skipping college to go play internationally because of academic requirements.

Next, Josh Childress of the Atlanta Hawks left the NBA to play basketball in Greece.

But the Hawks are close to replacing the small forward with Maurice Evans.  ESPN is reporting a deal is close to being completed. Evans would receive about $7.5 million over the next three years to become a member of the Atlanta Hawks.

Evans scored about nine points a game last season, and would be a nice fit for the sixth man role that Childress left behind when he went to play for Olympiakos in Greece.

Sasha Vujacic Is a Rich Man

The Lakers made Vujacic an extremely nice offer for a man that spends most games starting on the bench. He reportedly signed a deal worth $15 million over three years.

The move keeps Vujacic from making a move that has been done by people like Josh Childress—moving to Europe to play.

Vujacic averaged just under nine points per game last season as part of the Lakers, then averaged 8.1 points a game in the playoffs—including a playoff-high 20-point night.

Monte Ellis Re-Signs with the Warriors

Ellis has officially signed a $67 million deal that will keep him with the Warriors, officially making him the replacement for Baron Davis, who left for the Clippers.

Ellis made about $770,000 last season, and will now be making about $11 million next season—which is one of the biggest raises in NBA history.

Ellis will be moving over from the shooting guard position, where he averaged just over 20 points per game, and become the starting point guard in lieu of Davis.

The new starting shooting guard is likely to be Stephen Jackson, with Corey Maggette starting at small forward.


Warriors Avoid Star Moving to Europe

Andris Biedrins is likely about to sign a deal worth about $63 million over six years.  The move keeps Biedrins from moving to Europe, which he has been seriously considering.

The Warriors have been involved in an extremely busy offseason, and have said that keeping Biedrins was one of their top priorities in their plan to build around strong youth.

Keeping Ellis was another part of that plan, and adding Maggette has also been part of a hectic offseason which has seen the Warriors roster change greatly.


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