Should LeBron Dunk NBA For The Work Force?

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Should LeBron Dunk NBA For The Work Force?
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LeBron James' upbringing in the impoverished neighborhoods of Akron, Ohio,  is well-documented. And his triumph over adversity is admirable.


But has LeBron, 25, ever really worked in his life?


Before signing on to become the first billionaire athlete, perhaps King James should take a year sabbatical and get out and experience the jobs the hard-working serfs of his kingdom do everyday.


Perhaps LeBron should become…


Host of the Tonight Show

Stock boy at a paint store

Russian Spy

Pizza delivery boy

Tar ball collector

Justin Bieber’s hair stylist

Arizona Border Patrol agent

NBA referee

Tent-pitcher for a party-rental supply company

Ohio Congressman

Middle school social studies teacher

Mall Santa Claus

Tiger Woods' black-book editor

Mayor of the park

Coach of a youth swim team

Census taker

Claims clerk in Delta’s lost baggage office

Sandwich artist

Columnist for

Manatee herder

Short-order cook at a deli

Zamboni driver

Lawyer for Takeru Kobayashi

Sports editor for a hyper-local daily newspaper

Weight room security guard

Upright bass player in a jazz band

Unemployed just like the rest of us…

*Every job I’ve ever had is on this list

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