GM 3:16? RAW's Faceless GM Starts to Rattle Things Up

Bryan VelosoContributor IJuly 5, 2010

The past few weeks have been like a condensed season of LOST. While there are no polar bears or smoke monsters, we've been receiving answers at the rate of a trickle, something the recently completed show was infamous for.

References to "a higher power." A chairman that has "no control over them." "Things changing quickly." Wade Barrett and his newly minted visa made sure to keep us thinking. 

Then with a new flash of light along with the familiar iPhone "Tri-tone" ringtone we've come to expect, the GM lifted the ass-kicking ban that was placed on both the Nexus and WWE Superstars last week. 

Within seconds, John Cena came out along with six other faces, including Randy Orton. Rushing the ring, the Nexus took their escape when RAW's heels, led by the "human jar of mayonnaise" stopped the faces in their tracks.

The superstars seemed to be split on their feelings toward the Nexus and before they could finish what they started, the GM chimed in once again, saying that they would get action in the ring. For John Cena, well, the GM asked him to step in the ring with Wade Barret. For a fist in the face? No, a handshake.

The GM quickly countered when Cena equated the handshake with the aforementioned fist in the face, but completing the message with the following:

"... and that's the bottom line, because the GM said so."

Even Michael Cole adjusted his reading glasses before saying that. 

A truce, you say? Be the better man? The GM is asking a lot of the guy who has, as Sheamus clarified at the beginning of the broadcast, received the brunt of the beatings at the hands of the Nexus.

Sheamus would earn his own lecture at the hands of WWE Legend Arn Anderson, who was originally scheduled to talk about the state of fellow Legend Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

Who knows if Arn was trying to make the situation a little more ominous with his metaphors. A successful company that's bleeding to death? Shaemus being a "great white shark in the middle of a mud pond?"

The fact that all Sheamus could answer with was "I am the WWE Champion," was a little concerning, considering the fact that Arn continued to put him in his place.

It was a pleasant sight to see Arn though, it gave last week's beatings slightly more depth. It shows that none of these beatings, whether for "fun" or not, haven't been "set-it-and-forget-it" situations.

The night would continue to get more interesting.

Edge's Cutting Edge followed in the footsteps of last week's Peep Show, with bitter rivals talking about their involvement in the Money in the Bank match coming up in a little under 2 weeks.

When the meeting went sour, Evan Bourne appeared and looked primed to take both Jericho and Edge on when the lights flashed and the predictable segment gave us this little gem.

"If you wanna see some action, give me a hell yeah."

Living under a rock? Well, then you can keep watching and see where this goes. But anybody who hasn't been calling said rock their home for the last decade can definitely see where this is going.

(It's quite funny considering I took much of the day re-watching WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.)

Coming back from the commercial break, three members of the Nexus approached Randy Orton trying to "earn his trust," by implying that if somebody that wasn't at "holy war" with the Nexus won RAW's Ladder Match, they would interfere with the WWE Championship Steel Cage match.

This would give the winner a chance to make the quickest cash-in in the gimmick's history and subsequently become the new champion. 

This reveals that the ladder matches would not be the main events of the night. As an aside, if John Cena wins and the contract is cashed in, this would be the second time this year that Cena would lose the championship only seconds after regaining it.

In the closing minutes of RAW, the meeting that "anonymous" GM set up brought out an obviously concerned John Cena in front of an apologetic Wade Barrett. 

"You are not in our future plans. [...] We can make your life very easy or very hard. The choice is yours."

As Barrett pushed out his hand for a handshake, Cena pulled away. Citing hoverboards and robot butlers, Cena welcomed the future—a future in which he would decimate every single member of the Nexus.

Barrett would counter by saying that it was never about Cena. Barrett again extended his hand, which Cena shook and turned into an Attitude Adjustment.

The rest of the Nexus appeared and so did RAW's locker room. When the Nexus found themselves on the outside of the ring looking defeated, one more message came from the GM:

"I wanted peace. So if things don't stop now, there will be consequences."

Cena's response? An STF on Darren Young. The light's flashed one more time.

"Cena, because of your actions. You will now face all members of the Nexus next week in a 7-on-1 handicap match."

With nothing to lose, Cena proceeded to finish what he had started. With a furious demeanor and an unsympathetic eye, he destroyed the former rookie as if to welcome next week's handicap match with open arms. 

So we're in store for one more beating before July's pay-per-view event rolls around. Granted, with the appearance of the locker room during tonight's beating, I'm sure we'll see more of them next week.

But the anonymous big elephant in the room came into view for the first time tonight. Are we led to believe that the former guest host and WWE Hall of Famer that issued Vince McMahon the beating of his life is really our new GM?

Or are we being thrown for a loop with the clever usage of his famous phrases? Have the writers that be saved this storyline from its doom?

Well, I'm interested.