OMG! I Am So Doomed, My Take On WWE Talented Castoff, What's Yours' IWC?

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2010

Hello Deal-A-Lites! I am back!

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The B/R Wrestling forum has been really hot and happening off late, with debates, news, same old boring, less happening than coffee and disappointing RAW and TNA!

I had a lot to talk about and go Rant-Zilla myself, but decided against it, just to cool things down a bit and have cool and a calm debate for a change.

Now, we all know that the WWE has a pool of talent, but I will have to admit that the WWE is not “utilizing” the entire roster and that is some thing which I for one am not a fan of!

Now, I do agree that everybody can’t be a John Cena or Randy Orton, but one thing which I feel is that wrestling is these guy's LIVES and not their PROFESSIONS.

With that said, we know that everyone can’t be a boss as a profession, but need to be “utilized” if something is their life.

The WWE has a lot of talent, which needs to be utilized and be put to use properly.

So, in this article of mine, I am going to talk about a lot of “un-mined and wasted talent” that can be used to actually Rock the product!

It’s Agent Deal to the rescue! (Notice the pun)

Please note that this list does not include guys and divas who I think are getting utilized or are getting wasted. Also, a few guys might be left out but they are because I see a future for them where they will be utilized or some guys just don’t make sense in the WWE!

Let’s begin people-


Ezekiel Jackson


Ever since this guy won the ECW Title from Christian, I had a lot of hopes for him.

But bad luck, mixed with injury problems and a tinge of ignorance from the WWE, has made him a “nobody” for the time being!

Now, people might say that he can be utilized when he comes back, but I, for one, doubt that!

The reason being that he is on RAW!

The place is full of “lime light hoggers” like Trips, Cena, Orton, Y2J, Edge etc. Not only this, but of late, the WWE has been keen on pushing talent like Miz, JoMo and Bourne as well!

Hence, it won’t be easy for him to suddenly rise out of nowhere and shine. He will basically end up jobbing and that’s all!

So, what is the fix here?

It’s simple! Draft him to SD and have him become a part of the SES, allowing him to form a tag team with Luke Gallows.


Now what this does is, first of all, it utilizes him.

Secondly, it will give the SES its fifth member that will be good enough for them to hold all the titles on SD for a while and they will surely become the “hottest” thing on both the brands!

One more thing is that, as of now, I have not seen the qualities of a top star in him. I am not writing him off, but as of this moment, he is way far from the title.

So, having him in the spotlight will be good enough for him. He will get himself a title, be in the title picture, and also can learn under CM Punk.

One more thing that it does is, it gives us another tag team on the SD brand, good enough to split the Unified Tag Team Titles up and let each show have its own title.

So, it has a ton of advantages and can be really great for him, the WWE, the Tag Team Division, the SES, storylines, etc.




A wrestler from God’s bizarre world!

Now many of you might not know this, but he is actually a really talented wrestler.

But luck never favored him and the “Gold” he wears around was the closest to major gold he was ever going to get.

Now, I for one can safely say that he won’t be getting a major title run but can sure as hell be utilized really well and be really beneficial if the WWE are intelligent enough to realize an opportunity!

So, what is the way out here?

Draft him to SD as well and have him have a long, intense feud with his brother, Cody Rhodes!

First of all, I would like to say that I am not a fan of him and Yoshi Tatsu being a tag team and the reason for it will be explained below.

His feud with Cody is actually going to be really beneficial for Cody and can really give us a budding main eventer.

Ever since he was drafted to SD, he has been improving a lot. His ining work, his mic work, his attitude, and his fan following have all been given a major boost.

But one thing which he lacks is a good rivalry.

Now, to be honest, we can’t have Christian job to everyone because he himself deserves to be a top guy. So the best thing to do is have him in a feud with his brother.

The reason being that this will be the ultimate rub Cody needs to be over enough with a crowd.

This can be the really intense and hot storyline we have been asking for!

Also, we just love sibling rivalry.

I know that we still would like to see Taker and Kane go at it, but having these two for a change won’t be bad at all.

Last, but not least, this can be the perfect platform for Goldust to leave the company with grace.

I mean there is no point in wrestling on Superstars for years and then, suddenly, making a “farewell” appearance on RAW!

The WWE did not make him a huge star, but this really can allow him to walk out with his head held high and, on the flip side, he can do a huge favor for his brother and the WWE as well.

So, it has a tons of advantages right from an intense story line to a proper feud, a good farewell, and a realistic push!




Wasn’t there a guy named Primo? Oh yeah, there was! But what happened to him? Yea he got screwed.

Apparently no one can be unluckier than this guy!

First, the WWE, out of their act of idiocy, broke him and his brother up for no reason. Then, when they were finally reformed, his brother was dumped out of the company.

As, far as I know he is mostly on Superstars and, if news is to be believed, has been drafted to SD and has been turned into a heel. My reaction to this idea is-OMG That is awful!

Now, if this guy is on SD then he can, at the most, be a tag team partner, but with whom?

The only guy he can be a tag team partner with is Chavo Guerrero, but yet, I would go against it!

The reason being that these two will just end up jobbing to push other tag teams and will not be able to become what they need to.

Also, I have a better idea to utilize Chavo, so I am keeping him away from it.

With SD! being the brand where stars will be born now, they will need a lot of jobbers and Primo will be used as one, which I don’t like!

So, what do we do?

Well! I say that we have him go over to the RAW brand and have him tag team with Yoshi Tatsu instead!

The reason being that RAW has just two “actual” tag teams at the moment, with SD already having The Dudebusters, Archer and Hawkins and the SES.

They have three teams already and that is good enough for the time being, while RAW just has two tag teams at the moment.

Having a third one will just be great so that the tag team scene does not become all boring and we get to see a few changes and new things being incorporated into it as well.

Now, the reason why I want him to team up with Yoshi Tatsu is because that guy has a lot of talent and, to be honest, can really reach more heights if luck favors him.

Having him with Goldust will do him no good and he will gradually end up being buried over and over again!

Hence, the only way for him to gain some spotlight will be via a tag team and fighting for the gold.

I know that was possible with Goldust as well, but I just explained the reason for him being drafted to the SD Brand.

As for Primo, they won’t have to job much, because being in a tag team will ensure that.

Also, they will be easily called up for tag team gold as well.

This way both guys can get some time to shine, be utilized, give us something in the tag team division to cheer about, and, above all, provide for a storyline to compensate for the stupid skits the guest hosts put on!


William Regal


Well, I am not a huge Regal fan, but I really feel bad that such a talented performer like him was never given the time to be a top star.

He lacks nothing! Has great in-ring talent, has good mic skills, and, above all, can really draw great heel heat. Regal can do that naturally better than many of the young guns who are trying.

With age not on his side, the idea of him being a top champ one day is pretty much knocked out, but he can really be well utilized in many areas and his managerial skills can be very vital.

I have a bunch of plans for this guy, actually!

First of all, he can be the GM of RAW!

I don’t get it. Why does the WWE want to have Abe Washington be the GM? That guy does not generate actual heat and people hate to see him.

As for Regal, that guy has class and can really generate good “cruel boss” heat!

He can really indulge in wrestling himself because, being a seasoned wrestler himself, he can involve himself in matches as well. We all love such GM’s who can do that to put the good guys in trouble and generate actual heat.

The other creative plans which I have for him is making him the manager of someone like Wade Barrett or have him manage a stable instead!

Look, we can’t utilize him much as a wrestler, but he can be a really great manager!

Having him manage young guns can really help them to get a push, get realistic heel heat, and can also do wonders for their career as it will be a learning curve for them.

We have been crying for a heel stable on the RAW brand as well, and this guy can really make a good heel stable, worthy enough of being part of many PPV events!

Also, if a stable is formed, then we can utilize and realistically push another guy as well!

Maybe some other NXT Rookie or a guy like Zack Ryder can be a part of the stable as well!

The possibilities are endless with this and I am sure that utilizing him as a cruel boss of RAW, Manager of Wade Barrett, or the manager, leader of a stable can really give us a lot!

Right from the realistic push, to actual heat, to utilization, to good story lines to great heel stable!


Yoshi Tatsu


This guy sure as hell has got a lot of talent and the chances of him making it big though less are still present.

I know that I have already revealed my plan for him, though, which was having him form a tag team with Primo for the time being and have them be the tag team champs.

First, let’s look at the disadvantage of having him and Goldust teaming up.

They will never be given a realistic push because the WWE will never care for Goldust and him, being an old wrestler, does not settle in the scheme of things.

Then, we also know that if one of them is ignored, the other one will be ignored, as well. So, we don’t Yoshi to be buried.

With him being on RAW, which has all the biggies and the future to push, him being a top guy as of now is not seeming clear, so this will be the best way to have him in the scheme of things and give him the spotlight which he so deserves!

This way, we can utilize him in the best possible way we can at the moment and also prevent him from being buried!

It also helps in saving Primo’s career from going down the toilet and provides us with an additional storyline and another tag team and that is exactly what we need at the moment!


Zack Ryder


He has it in him to make it big one day, but not now.

He is someone who is yet to be pushed a bit and, to be speaking honestly, should be well managed or else his possible reign one day will transform into absolutely nothing!

Him being on RAW won’t help the cause much because he is way last in the line of stars to be pushed.

But if they manage him well, we can keep him in a position where he is between a lower and an upper mid-carder and can be called to the upper mid-card scene as soon as possible.

My plan is that we give him a vale, and his own segment on RAW for the time being while he upgrades his status!

Whether having a rivalry or not won’t make much of a difference as he will be constantly overshadowed by the other guy and won’t be easily getting matches at PPV events.

I am not saying that we don’t give him a rivalry, but let’s have him wrestle with a few NXT Rookies when this Invasion thing comes to an end. Guys like Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel can really be good and apt people for him to feud with.

But he should surely be given air time every week!

I know that, due to excess of talent, a match every week is not possible, but having him host his show or segments can really roll him along with RAW.

The point is to keep him in the quest for the top prize easily and steadily with out upsetting the push for the other guys!

So this, to me, is the best way out and the best people possible for him to feud with are indeed the NXT guys, once the Invasion thing comes to an end, so that he can get some spotlight, in spite of him not being in the major intense programs!


Gail Kim


Seriously, what’s up with her? Isn’t she the most talented diva in the WWE at this time? In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin: Hell Yeah!!!

Yet, Vince’s stupidity, in her case, has really made her worthless for the time being.

The way out is just simple: have her be the Women’s Champ or the Divas' Champ!

Let’s accept it, guys. Even though the WWE Divas are hot, they don’t make us buy their matches. I actually use that time to check my e-mails or make phone calls as that is a sheer waste of time!

Gail Kim is a really talented diva and I remember seeing her in TNA some time ago, where she actually wrestled some long matches and was really great!

To be honest, with both Melina and Beth Phoenix gone, she is the diva who can easily save the divas' division for any brand!

As for RAW, they need a face diva! Even though they have Eve and, yes, is she is talented, as are Maryse and Alica Fox, the divas' division is not exciting at all. She can really display her good in-ring talent and save the division on Raw!

Also, with her in the picture, the matches might not be squash matches anymore. We might see the matches get more time as the her talent is good enough to get more air time.

As far as the SD brand goes, I think that she can be saving face there, as well!

In fact, she will be better off on SD!

With Beth out due to an injury and Kelly Kelly and Tiffany far away from winning gold, it will be pretty much the heel domination on a regular basis. It will be fine for some time, but not forever!

It will be great to see her be the face of the divas' division for the time being. This will, indeed, be the best way to utilize her. We will get quality matches, some good feuds, will see a really talented diva wrestle, fewer squash matches, and, above all, a remarkable improvement in the divas' division that will be brilliant, indeed!


Chavo Guerrero


Another talented guy and another misery story.

He is someone who rightfully deserved to be the WHC one day, but alas did not get the chance at all.

Now, many might argue here, but I have to say that back in 2002, when he and Eddie were a tag team, both were pretty much on the same boat. It was just that after breaking up, Eddie Gurrero was managed really well, while he was not!

His career graph is constantly going from one low to the other. His feud with Hornswoggle was really useless and it was really sad to see him be utilized that way.

He still has a lot to offer and, to be honest, can be really utilized well!

What is the way out here? It is simple, for the love of God!

Bring back the Cruiserweight title and have him be the champ and feud with the other wasted guys for the time being!

Now, the reason why this is very beneficial is because it, first of all, utilizes him in the best possible way he can be utilized.

The WWE/WHC reign seems out of the question and this can be really a good thing for him.

Secondly, he can utilize many other wrestlers who are not well utilized and are just in the company for the sake of it!

We can get good storylines and feuds like we did back then in 2002-2004/5, when this title was really well utilized.

Above all, this can be a “huge” life line for the little men as well. We know that Bourne is getting a push but, to be honest, he can never become the face of the company. Also, there are many other wrestlers who fall in that category and this can be really a huge positive move with tons of benefits!


Honorable Mention-JTG & Shad


I think that you all know as to what am I going to say here.

Just make them a tag team again!

I, for one, still have no clue as to why the WWE made such a stupid decision of breaking them up in the first place.

Even though they can still be utilized elsewhere, this is the WWE!

And what is the WWE known for? Yeah, yeah... for wasting talent.

I know that the possibilities are endless, indeed, but then with the sudden push of so many guys at the same time and the clouding of people for the secondary titles will not be good enough for them!

I know that Shad has been sent down to FCW, but seriously, why waste a guy’s career when he seriously can be made full use of and help your company out a lot?

With the WWE being short of tag teams, even with my ideas, this will be a welcome choice for sure!

They can really be a face tag team on the SD brand!

With the SES and Archer and Hawkins being heel teams, they can be the good guys!

Not only this, but they were over enough as a team as well and were really good. Back in 2009, they really played a huge role in saving the tag team division!

So this thing will be good both for them and also for the WWE!

As far as their individual careers go, they are far away from being recognized as top talent, so this is the best option which I could think of.


That’s all folks! The end of my list of creative ideas to save the dead-end wrestlers and to prevent them from being classified as talented scrap!

So, what do you guys think? Are my creative ideas worth enough to save many superstars, please read and tell me for sure!

Any feedback, whether positive or negative, will be accepted, but a reply is must!

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