Alabama Crimson Tide Sports the Cause of My Three-Week Stalemate

Gary LloydSenior Analyst IJuly 27, 2008

Until now, I haven't posted any article on Bleacher Report in three weeks.

Why, you may wonder (or, most likely, probably not)?

I haven't been lazy. I haven't lost interest. I haven't had any tragedies occur, thank God.

I've just been busy. That's all.

During the summer, I work out in the heat for nearly 50 hours per week. Then, when I get home, I write for this site, as well as a couple others.

And that's where the plot of this story goes.

I used to blog pretty regularly at this site about mostly Alabama football and basketball. Good experience, and I did use quotes from press releases and pressers to make it more professional. I currently write a weekly column here, titled "Mouth of the South," in which I cover anything and everything sports.

I write like a typical Southerner talks, which makes for a good 'ol time. See what I mean?

I also keep in touch with one specific Journalism professor at The University of Alabama, who taught my Intro to Journalism course. He's already written a recommendation letter for me and talks to me regularly, and I greatly appreciated an e-mail I received from him a few weeks ago.

It was a forwarded e-mail from a guy that runs Crimson Confidential, an affiliate of ESPN. He was looking for a student writer to help with football practices and press conferences in the fall.

Well, now I'm that student writer. I'll be going to those practices and pressers, and hopefully basketball practices, games and pressers later in the fall. Writing four or five stories a week after going to class and these events will take up most of my time, so my production here will probably be about what it has been the last month or so - not much.

You can find the link to all the ESPN-affiliated sites here. Scroll down a bit on the right side, and you'll see the links to the current sites.

This is just another step in my sports writing direction that I wanted and needed to take. It's more involved with the actual profession, and I can't wait to start.

I just hope the man in the picture doesn't go off on me.