TNA VS WWE: Maybe It's Been Done Before, But Not By Me.

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2010

For about 25 years now, I have been watching the WWE and WWF. I loved to watch the evolution of the sport, the superstars, the "Rope opera."  We all remember, "Hulka-mania runnin' wild." We all loved the "Attitude" era, when the WWF was trying to hold its own with WCW. I even remember, not wanting to watch WCW and ECW, because they simply weren't WWF...I felt I had to be loyal.

Now I'm not saying I am one of these guys who is forever, "Swearing off the WWE." I am saying that I get much more satisfaction out of watching TNA. Lately, and continuously, TNA has been growing, evolving, recognizing their talent, more than ever. This company is also filling these gaps left by the modern WWE, at an amazing rate. I truly enjoy each contest. The most unwatchable and torturous part of a WWE show, are the "Diva" matches. The contests are slow-moving, filled with mistakes and only feature scantily clad, cute women, as a saving grace.

When I watch a "Knockouts" match, I find myself not only interested in watching the women, but in the match itself. A Tag-team contest, is nothing short of an amazing spectacle. With teams like the Motor City Machine Guns, Hernandez and Morgan (when they were together), and Beer Money Inc....Those matches completely put the currently-improving, Tag Team division in the WWE, to shame.

The ever-thinning line between storyline and reality in TNA, keep the cutaways interesting. The amazing talent, along with the technical prowess that each star delivers on a weekly basis, may, someday put TNA in contention with the WWE. One can only imagine what an organization like TNA, could do with the budget of WWE. The truth is, it could, "End the Hunger" that keeps TNA, constantly reinventing itself.

With a budget like the WWE, TNA could become complacent. A highly apt, precedent of this, would obviously be at the conclusion of the "Monday Night Wars," between WWF and WCW. Once WCW folded as a company, we were left with....what we have now. In my opinion, each of their shows have taken a dive, nearly as bad as the onslaught of increasingly, disappointing PPV.

Perhaps, what I seem to love about the TNA brand of wrestling, is the constant need to reinvent itself, out of hunger and necessity. What I do know is, if Eric Bischoff read the results of Monday and Friday night shows, I may watch WWE, a lot less! Thing is for sure, I want more TNA!