MMA Must Avoid The Same Mistakes Boxing Made

T.P. Grant@@TP_GrantAnalyst IJuly 27, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, and it is filling the fight sport void that boxing has left.

The sport of boxing did not suddenly become less interesting or entertaining and the decline that they are suffering from is from major mistakes they made.

First and foremost, the introduction of Pay Per View fights, which seemed like a cash cow but now has lost the viewership of the demographic that was its largest supporter, the working class.

UFC President Dana White has stated that his goal to move off PPV to bring the big time fights to the masses for free.

So it seems MMA has sidestepped the PPV problem and the UFC had the outstanding marketing idea of The Ultimate Fighter which puts the spotlight on the young promising fighters for free.

The other major problem Boxing had is the divisions of Boxing promoters and leagues. At any given time there are four champions of any given weight class in boxing.

White is working hard to avoid that problem, but he is really having a hard time with the heavyweights. White seems to have nothing but hate for Fedor and has driven away Randy Couture who is rumored to be joining Fedor in Affliction Banned.

Affliction and EliteXC represent major challengers to draw talented fighters away from the UFC family of UFC, PRIDE and WEC.

Dana White would like to unite all the fighters under his name and it would make MMA a major contender with sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball.

While this is unlikely, Randy Couture has been vocally calling for more fluid motion of fighters to move between promoters so that the best fighters can face each other and so that there is only one champion in each weight class. Nothing could be better for the sport. 

Many of the UFC champions are regarded as the best in the world and there are just a few weight classes that really are outside of the UFC, the sub-lightweight classes and heavyweight.

As long as one league is clearly fielding the strongest fighters, MMA will be strong but as fighters begin to spread out, MMA's fate could be the same as boxing.