SEC East Projections | Results from the Bleacher Report Fan/Writer Poll

Derek StephensSenior Analyst IJuly 27, 2008

Over a week ago, I created an interactive article to poll who fellow members thought would place one through six in the SEC East. I, along with 12 other B/R members, voiced an opinion on which team we thought would be the eventual SEC East Champion, finish second, and so on. For example, I picked:

1) Georgia

2) Florida

3) South Carolina

4) Tennessee

5) Kentucky

6) Vanderbilt

Therefore, Georgia received six points, Florida five, South Carolina four, Tennessee three, Kentucky two, and Vanderbilt one. I used that format for everyone's votes and tallied up the total. Here are the results:

1) Georgia 70 points (7)

2) Florida 69 pts (5)

3) Tennessee 49 pts (1)

4) South Carolina 46 pts

5) Kentucky 24 pts

6) Vanderbilt 15 pts

Summary:  Georgia beat out Florida with one point for the #1 spot.  Georgia got the majority of the 13 votes with seven #1 votes.  Florida came in at a close second with 69 votes and five out of the total thirteen #1 votes.  Tennessee edged out South Carolina, however South Carolina had more #3 votes than Tennessee with seven, but with a #1 vote for Tennessee, they were able to jump SC.  Kentucky and Vanderbilt was almost the unanimous #5 and #6 pick, with Kentucky getting 11 out of 13 #5 votes and Vanderbilt getting 11 out of 13 #6 votes.

This poll can be somewhat biased, but it proves it does give a general idea of what the public thinks of the SEC East this year. 

Thanks and God Bless!

Writers/Fans participating in this poll include: Derek Stephens, James Gray, James Doker, Darth Dawg, Michael Shibley, Justin Goar, Thomas Goldkamp, Jimson Cuenta, Quantumt, Mark Rupert, Will Shelton, McLeod Neale, and Chad Haynie.

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