UFC 116: Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar Shows UFC Is About Blood, Not Guts

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IJuly 4, 2010

Some fights are called too early. It has happened time and again. We have all seen it.

Antonio Silva vs Eric Pele was stopped too soon.

Ortiz vs Shamrock 2 was stopped too soon.

Thompson vs Esch was stopped way too soon.

Tonight however, we had the opposite. We had a referee who obviously had decided he would not call the fight no matter how badly Lesnar was beaten. 

Maybe he did it for the crowd. They all wanted to see Lesnar suffer and they were getting all they could ever ask for. Is it possible that something was lost along the way?

For Carwin the heavyweight championship was lost. Unable to maintain the furious pace he had displayed in round one, Carwin was taken down and submitted. Carwin lost because he got tired.

Now we have all seen a million fights that end because of someone gassing. Usually fights like that end in a TKO or KO victory. The difference here is that Carwin didn't get tired because Lesnar was pressing him or beating him up. No, Carwin got tired because he hit Lesnar with everything in his entire arsenal.

He got tired from beating the stuffing out of Brock Lesnar.

Lets face it - we know the fight should have been stopped in the first round with Carwin as winner by TKO. It was that obvious. In fact it might be said that the crowd that wanted to see Lesnar lose so badly caused the fight to continue resulting in a second round and a loss by Carwin.

Ironic is it not?

Whatever the case it is apparent that Brock can be beaten by a good striker. A good striker with ground fighting experience. A seasoned professional like that could easily put an end to Brock. 

A professional like Fedor perhaps? He seems to have the exact tool set needed to wipe Brock out. If anything this fight proved that.

Tonight also showed what the sport should not be. The UFC does not help it's cause if it allows fights to continue when someone is getting destroyed. 

The sport is about courage not just damage. Its bad when a fight is called too soon but it is a travesty when it is not called in time. Especially following the third MMA related death just one week ago.