Did CM Punk Dump Serena? If So What's Next?

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2010

Hey fellow Bleacher Reporters and Commentors!

This week's Smackdown led to abrupt end to Kane's anger revolving around CM Punk's accused involvement in the attack to the Undertaker. So now CM Punk is innocent and Kane is left in a state of confusion and possible anger. So that's that. But is it possible what also ended was Serena's place in the Straight Edge Society?

First the Recap of the SES's involvement on Smackdown

Luke Gallows was scheduled to have a match against Kane this Friday (I always find it funny when Gallows and Kane have confrontations with each other, considering their past history) And CM Punk and his fellow Straight Edge followers were discussing that this whole thing would end tonight. Serena, worried about Punk's well being stated that if CM Punk or Gallows wouldn't finish it tonight she would.

The match followed and CM Punk got involved, Serena came out pleading Punk was innocent and showed a video clip of the day the Undertaker was found in his "Vegatative" state. The video, which surprisingly showed Serena at a bar drinking while socializing with another dude there. Punk and the rest of the society soon showed up and cleared the table and Punk had a confrontation with Serena. Punk obviously furious and stormed out of the bar.

Kane let Punk go regretfully and confused and stormed off. Serena went to Punk asking for forgiveness but Punk wouldn't take it, he left her in the ring.

So that's the recap. What's going to happen next for the SES?

So far I've heard that Serena was dropped from the SES. CM Punk obviously didn't want a hypocrite in his cult, and Serena showing the clip to everyone got him even more pissed. I mean he does have a reason to be angry, yet Serena was only doing it for his well-being!

Serena still cares for Punk so she'll probably get back in the SES somehow. If Punk as forgiving as he says than maybe he'll accept her back in, Or she'll probably pester him. This gives a angle for the SES, but since Punk is injured and will be out for a couple weeks it might not work. This could always spell for a face turn for her and eventually go for Woman's Titles. It would be nice for her to go for the title on her own.

I just see this angle going in a whole string of possibilities. Those I listed above where just the ones off the top of my mind. What do you guys think the future holds for the SES and Serena? Predictions, Ideas, whatever! Comment!