WWE Smackdown Recap & Review: Money In The Bank

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2010

Opening Segment:

Jack Swagger made his way to the ring to kick off the show. Swagger reminded everyone that he said he was going to make people suffer last week. He then stated that he was going to make other people feel the pain he did after he was cheated out of his World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger said that if he can do it to the world’s strongest athlete he can do it to anyone. A video is shown of Swagger locking in the ankle lock on Big Show last week.

Big Show came out on stage and pretended to cry obviously mocking Swagger. Show told Swagger that nobody cares about him and there are more things to be upset about like being in an elevator with Show when he has gas. Show admitted that he hurt him last week but he didn’t finish the job. Show limped down the ramp towards the ring when Cody Rhodes attacked Show. Swagger and Rhodes worked on Show’s injured ankle. Rey Mysterio ran into the ring to make the save and assist Show. 


Swagger’s angry promo didn’t really sell me on the idea of him being vicious. His actions are worth more than his words. I know he is a rip-off of Kurt Angle but I like the ankle lock submission being added to his repertoire.

Swagger’s cocky promos where he reminds us of his past accomplishments are much better if you ask me.

The Big Show was pretty funny and wanted win over the crowd. I personally prefer him being a face rather than a heel.

Segment Rating: 7/10


The MITB participant announcement:

The six MITB wrestlers announced are Big Show, Kane, Matt Hardy, Christian, Kofi Kingston, and Cody Rhodes. 


(IC) Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler Match:

Ziggler shows off some of his college wrestling background and took down Kingston.

Ziggler attempted a few pin falls on Kingston to no avail. Ziggler landed a neckbreaker and got a near three count.

Ziggler attacked Kingston in the corner but Kingston hit him with a pendulum kick. Kingston landed a nice cross body press from the top rope for a two count. Kingston executed his signature Boom Boom double-leg drop. He attempted his Trouble in Paradise kick but missed resulting in a famous move from Ziggler and a close pin fall.

Ziggler was distracted by Vickie Guerrero and was the victim of the Trouble in Paradise kick giving Kingston the win.

Post-match, Ziggler gave Vickie Guerrero and angry look as she walked off in disgust.

Winner: Kofi Kingston


I do not know why Dolph Ziggler isn’t already the Intercontinental champion. His ring work is excellent and he has top notch microphone skills. I think he has a bright future and will be in the main event at Wrestlemania one day.

Kofi doesn’t need the title anymore to be legitimate. He already has the popularity to fight on the upper card.

Match Rating: 7/10


SES backstage segment:

CM Punk is sporting a sling backstage. He told Serena that he can handle it. Serena suggested that they admit to it and they would be left alone. Punk told Serena to calm down. Serena told Punk that she felt hopeless and it broke her heart to see Punk that way. Punk told Gallows that it will all end tonight.


This was an excellent segment that gave depth to the SES. It was interesting to see their interaction outside of the regular straight edge lifestyle speeches.

I remember seeing Serena in FCW when she had long black hair. She isn’t actually a bad looking diva when she isn’t sporting ratty gear and shaved head.

Segment Rating: 8/10


The Peep Show:

There were three ladders in the ring and a few outside on the ring floor to set the stage for the Money in the Bank on pay per view.  

Christian reminded the WWE Universe that Hardy finally got reinstated and beat Drew McIntyre. Christian said it was nice to see Hardy in the ring with Drew and not get dropped on his head.

When Hardy recalled his WWE ups and downs and was about to give his “Matt Hardy won’t die” catch phrase, Christian interrupted and said that he will not win the MITB match.

Christian said that they both made the match famous and that no one deserves it more than Matt and him. Christian slammed McIntyre for getting opportunity after opportunity and never earning it

Both Christian and Hardy say that they will win the match at the same time. Christian acted like he was about to step out of the ring but changed his mind and turns to confront Hardy. Hardy attacked Christian and threw him into a ladder in the ring.

The Review:

It was just nice to see both Christian and Matt Hardy in the ring together.

Their dialogue about fighting for everything they deserve and having similar careers was spot on. It would have been great if they mentioned that their “tag team partners” in a round about way.

The end of the segment was surprising. I did not expect Hardy to throw Christian into the ladders. Who was the heel in that exchange?

Segment Review: 9/10


“Dashing” Cody Rhodes backstage segment:

Rhodes is shown looking at himself in the mirror. He started to talk to himself as if he was being interviewed. He talked about humiliating the Big Show. He said that tonight he was going to show Mysterio how easy it would be to cash in the MITB and be the first “Dashing” World Champion. The segment ends with him repeating the word “Dashing”.


The segment was well thought out and sold his new “Dashing” gimmick. Rhodes really needed an identity away from Legacy to get over with the fans.

Segment Rating: 6/10


Kane vs. Luke Gallows Match:

Kane went right after Gallows with a barrage of punches and kicks. Kane proceeded to choke Gallows with the ropes. There were a few more exchanges until the hooded masked SES member interfered. Kane choke slammed both the masked SES member and Gallows.

Kane got a hold of CM Punk and was about to choke slam him when Serena intervened. Serena told Kane that Punk was innocent and could prove it. Serena said that Punk couldn’t have done it because on the day that it happened he was nowhere near the Undertaker. Serena said that she knows because he was saving her.

Kane told her that he doesn’t believe her. Serena told Kane to watch the Titantron. The video footage looked like it was from a security camera at a bar. Serena is seen drinking alcoholic beverages and flirting with a man until the SES show up. SES destroyed the bar and left with Serena.

Kane let go of Punk and left the ring. Punk screamed at Serena and asked her if she has any idea what she just did.

Winner: Kane


The match was of little use as it ended as expected. The segment that followed was very intriguing. They keep adding layers to the SES make-up thus making them more interesting.

Serena sold the angle perfectly.

I am guessing that Punk will explain that Serena’s admission to the Universe makes him look like a fool as she was not truly saved.

Match Rating: 2/10

Post-Match Rating: 8/10


MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero Match:

Both of them lock up from the get go. MVP managed a few shots in before receiving a dropkick courtesy of Chavo. Chavo covered MVP for a two count. Chavo hit the Three Amigos and points to the heavens. Chavo missed a Swanton Bomb but MVP got out of the way.

MVP tossed Chavo with a belly-to-belly suplex. He followed it up with his Ballin’ elbow drop and got the victory with his Player Maker STO finisher.

Winner: MVP


I guess this match was just to give MVP a win on television. He needs to be included in the MITB match or it spells trouble for his singles career.

Match Rating: 5/10


Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly Match:

Kelly went after McCool without hesitation. McCool got some decent shots in on Kelly. McCool drove Kelly into the corner and stuck her boot on her throat.

Layla then sprayed hair spray on Kelly while she was down. Tiffany broke it up but was knocked down by McCool. The distraction gave Kelly the roll up victory.

Winner: Kelly Kelly


Is Kelly Kelly really going to be the next champion?

Her skill has improved by I don’t think that the WWE Universe is sold on her being a top competitor. I guess they are trying things out like they did with Eve on the Raw side.

Match Rating: 3/10


Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show and (WC) Rey Mysterio Match:

Prior to the match Mysterio took the microphone and cut his usual “it’s me and the entire 619” your fighting promo.

Rhodes started the match by working on Mysterio’s arm.

Mysterio is able to break free with kicks and tagged in Big Show. Show delivered some punches to Rhodes’ midsection. Show slapped Rhodes and threw him to the outside onto Jack Swagger.

Rhodes pushed Mysterio down and attempted a super German suplex but is knocked off by Mysterio.

Rhodes and Mysterio had a few more exchanges until Swagger is tagged in. Swagger hit his Vader bomb from the middle rope. Swagger later caught Mysterio in the air but Mysterio hit a tornado DDT on him.

Mysterio tagged in Big Show. Show dominated Swagger until he had to tag in Mysterio.

Mysterio attempted a 619 on Swagger but it was countered with an ankle lock. Swagger refused to let Mysterio out of the submission despite Mysterio having a hold of the rope and got disqualified.

Winners: Big Show and Rey Mysterio


Big Show and Swagger leads me to believe they will have a program after Money in the Bank pay per view.


Final Thoughts:

The six MITB wrestlers announced are Big Show, Kane, Matt Hardy, Christian, Kofi Kingston, and Cody Rhodes. 

The possible final two participants may be CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and MVP.

CM Punk doesn’t need the MITB match. Ziggler and McIntyre could use the match to help push them further up card.

The Alberto Del Rio character is being prepped really well. I am excited what the legend’s son could accomplish in the states. It’s too bad the WWE has not signed Mistico to a deal.

The writers are doing a superb job with the vignettes and promos. The episode was filled with fantastic character development and storyline progression.





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