TitleTown USA! Are you excited, or does it really even matter?

Shawn CollierContributor IJuly 27, 2008

Oh boy...I just can't wait! Tomorrow we'll find out which U.S. city is TitleTown USA!!!! Aren't you as excited as I am?

No? Not so much? Yeah me neither. Heck maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Regardless it's your preogrative. Maybe you gave into the ESPN hype. I mean sure, it was kinda cool seeing the ESPN circus roll into some of these smaller towns or campuses. But really...let's be honest...this whole TitleTown thing happened because somebody at ESPN said, "okay...America's gonna be bored, we need ratings, what do we do?" I mean the NBA and NHL playoffs just ended, there's no football, not enough people care about soccer, and the baseball races don't start getting interesting until late August early September anyways (even if the Yankees are on a hot streak, damn them anyhow). So in reality, it's not a bad idea even if it is unnecessary.

Why unnecessary? Well for as long as I can remember Green Bay, Wisconsin was TitleTown and really no one cared that much. Sure there were other cities that had their runs too, and adopted the moniker. But unless I missed it, were the mayors of Detroit, Boston, or Gainesville trying to tear down propaganda at Lambeau Field and haul it back to their respective cities? What happens tomorrow when the new TitleTown is announced (assuming it doesn't end up being Green Bay)? Do we strip everything in Wisconsin and move it to the new city? Or will ESPN just plan one of their nifty TitleTown flags in the front of lawn of that towns front yard?

Further diving into this whole TitleTown ideal, what is the criteria of winning, and determining the new TitleTown anyways? I believe it just comes down to a fan vote, right? I mean, what...Randy, Simon, and Paula get no say? But seriously...if it's just a fan vote, then how does Valdosta, Georgia stand a chance against the massive alumni base of Ohio State (Columbus, Ohio) or the large metropolis city of Boston. I looked it up: Valdosta population 43,724 versus the 50,000 students at the Ohio State main campus in Columbus or the 590,763 in Boston.

Also, are we talking TitleTown in the last few years, or overall in the history of time? I mean honestly if we're talking recent memory playing into our voting then shouldn't (sorry Buckeye fans) Gainesville, Florida and Boston basically be the top 2? I love my Buckeyes, don't get me wrong, but Columbus is definitely not TitleTown. The Blue Jackets (NHL) haven't even made the playoffs in their 7 years of exsistance. The Columbus Crew have not yet won the MLS Cup. Sure the OSU synchronized swimming team has won 24 of the last 26 National Titles, we've had a fencing National Champ in the last few years and the infamous double OT football victory over "The U." But if I had to cast a vote for Columbus, Ohio; more specifically Ohio State it would be "2nd Place Titletown" (see 2007 & 2008 BCS Championship game loss, 2007 Final Four championship game loss, 2007 men's soccer championship game loss, and heck even the 2007 Arena Bowl loss by the Columbus Destroyers).

Then finally, comparing cities with multiple amounts of teams to those cities that are just college towns, little league towns or even a town like Green Bay that just boasts the Packers. How does Palo Alto and Tiger Tiger Woods y'all, leap over Detroit with all of its professional teams including the dominant Red Wings and the Bad Boys of Detroit, the Pistons? Same goes for trying to put Knoxville on the same scale of an LA or New York.

In the end, if we're basing it off of the original TitleTown; Green Bay, Wisconsin, then maybe it doesn't matter how many pro teams, college teams, or little league teams your city has or doesn't have. But how will America vote? Will they be like me and sit here and say, "my city really isn't titletown, but because it's my city...I'm voting for it anyways." Or will they cast their vote for who is the most deserving? I guess there is only way to find out, and that's to tune into ESPN tomorrow at 6pm (yay ratings!). 

I ask you Bleacher Report fans...do you care? Please feel free to share your opinions, and let me know who you personally think deserves to be TitleTown USA!