UFC 116: Weigh In Results and Play By Play

Sam NassarCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2010

Jon Madsen vs Karlos Vemola (Heavyweight)

Vemola is up first to the scale looking very solid and serious weighing in at an official 222 pounds .

Madsen enters second putting on extra weight since the Ultimate Fighter reality series weighing in at a soft 254 pounds .  Both Vemola and Madsen seem disinterested in each other, looking forward to being able to fight tomorrow night.


Daniel Roberts vs Forrest Petz (Welterweight)

Forrest Petz is up first with his hippie looking sandals on.  Forrest is welcomed back to the UFC by color man Joe Rogan. 

Petz looks determined to not be sent out of the UFC ever again.  The "Meat Cleaver" seems sharp and ready to chop his opponent down.  Petz weighs in at the max weight of 170 pounds .

Daniel "Ninja" Roberts enters onto the stage in dark clothing looking to sneak up on his opponent for a quick win. 

Roberts seems to be silent but with a deadly intention in his eyes.  Roberts weighs in at a solid 169 pounds

Petz's actor-like chin is very evident in the square off; Roberts better look out for that sharp point on the ground.


Dave Branch vs Gerald Harris (Middleweight)

Branch is up first looking like Shaft with slick sideburns weighing in at a debonair 185 pounds and you damn right. 

The TUF vet Gerald Harris weighs in at 185 pounds as well looking fit and ready for this next shot at UFC glory.

Interestingly enough, Branch seems to have the rookie jitters being that he decides to shake Harris's hand about 50 times before leaving the stage.


Kendall Grove vs Goran Reljic (Middleweight)

Goran makes his way to the stage first with suspect teal undies on weighing in one pound over at 186 pounds

Grove enters to major applause sporting a new goatee and enough ink to fill an octopus.  He weighs in at a trim 184 pounds

Grove seems very intense shaking back and forth as he gets into Gorans face for the stare down.  Goran is like stone, looking ready and unphased by "The Spider's" antics. 


Seth Petruzelli vs Ricardo Romero (Light Heavyweight)

Romero comes out with merchandise to throw to the fans.  The fans don't even cheer for that.  Romero weighs in a pound over officially at 206 .

Seth gets many cheers when Joe Rogan declares him as the man who single-handedly killed EliteXC.  Seth weighs in at 205 pounds .

Seth is never at a loss for color, sporting some pink highlights in his slickly gelled hair.  Seth makes light of the square off with his normal humorous ways.


Brendan Schaub vs Chris Tuchscherer (Heavyweight)

Tuchscherer enters onto the stage looking like a plump version of Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones.  He looks to even scare the UFC ring girls giving the scariest pose off for his guns.  He weighs in at a plump 255 pounds before he stomps off of the scale.

Brendan however enters with some cheers being a favorite from TUF 10.  The "Hybrid" weighs in at a smiling 238 pounds .  The stare down is short and sweet building up some hype for "Hybrid" and the "Crowbar" to clash. 


Chris Lytle vs Matt Brown (Welterweight)

Matt Brown comes out with his mountain man looks and complete with hairy chest looking like he rolled out of a sleeping bag this morning.  Brown weighs in one pound over at 171 pounds

The veteran Chris Lytle comes in next with the dragon on his shoulder and confidence in his mind.  Chris weighs in on the button at 170 pounds .

The two fighters show some mutual respect slapping hands.  This fight has fireworks written all over it.


Kurt Pellegrino vs George Sotiropoulos (Lightweight)

Kurt comes out first waving to the fans like Miss America.  He takes his warm up wear off to reveal his custom vintage Batman trunks showing that he loves his own nickname.  "Batman" flies in weighing in at 155 pounds .

George is out next coming in shape weighing in one pound over at 156 .  Pellegrino shows respect with a handshake but George injects himself into the situation by getting right in Kurt's grill.  Look out for a good match on this one, folks. 


Krystof Soszynski vs Stephan Bonnar (Light Heavyweight)

The bloody rematch is set to kick off with Stephan coming in shape at 205 pounds .  Dana as usual is excited for Stephan to compete against anyone. 

Krystof looks solid in his red undies weighing in at 205 pounds .  Stephan seems to be chomping at the bit to get his revenge for their first contest.


Chris Leben vs Yoshihiro Akayama (Middleweight)

Leben enters first like he is competing for a free dinner having just fought 2 weeks ago.  The tats and red blood colored hair is out as usual for the "Crippler."  Chris weighs in over one pound at 186 .

Akiyama comes in trying to show himself worthy of his nickname wearing some truly sexy pink shorts.  Akiyama weighs in at a sextastic 185 pounds .  Smiles are exchanged during the stare down look for two to clash in this bout. 


Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin (Heavyweight Title Unification Match)

Goliath meets Goliath in this battle of titans.  The highlight video makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up in anticipation.

Shane Carwin enters to heavy metal bumps.  Carwin looks focused and ready weighing in at the limit of 265 pounds

Brock Lesnar has still not escaped his role as the heel champion, coming in to many boos.  Brock looks like a milk-fed massacre when he stares down Carwin who doesn't even blink.  Brock also tips the scales at 265 pounds .

Carwin is very humble in his thoughts thanking his fans, family and looking forward to his fight.

Brock is excited to be back looking forward to being back after a long layoff during his long injury.

We will see who will reign supreme tomorrow night live on Pay-Per-View

Thas a wrap on the UFC 116 weigh-ins. Be sure to check back to B/R
tomorrow night as Gary Herman live blogs the event from the MGM Grand
in Las Vegas. 

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