WWE: July 2nd Review Of Friday Night Smackdown!

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJuly 2, 2010

Before I start, I would like to personally thank Iam D Real Deal Yo, Nicholas LeVack and Big Nasty who have been instrumental in my efforts to promote my petition (I apologise if I've left out anybody's name).

Secondly, I would like to thank the 258 true wrestling fans who took the time to sign the petition. It's saddening to think that there is only that many people who are passionate about wrestling and who cared enough to sign it.

If you haven't signed it yet and wish to do so, you can find the link at the end of the article.

Before I begin my review, I would like to wish Ricky Steamboat a speedy recovery from his life-threatening injuries and my condolences to the Steamboat family.

(For those who don't know, Ricky was banged up from last week's Nexus attack.He suffered a neck injury and severe head pain from the attack. But, he also suffered an 'unrelated' brain aneurysm which is basically swelling of blood vessels in the brain. Also, he has internal bleeding of the brain. He was in intensive care but his condition is stable. He will be hospitalised for some time.)

Jack Swagger Promo/ Big Show Promo

A good promo from Swagger again. He's adopting the whiny Chris Jericho/Kurt Angle approach and complaining about the injustices he has suffered.

He drew some good heel heat with this promo. The expressions on his face and the way he changed them so fast were impressive.

I also liked the way he could change the tone of his voice.

Big Show came out and played to the kids in the audience with his juvenile jokes. But then, came his one-liner: ''Being stuck in an elevator with me when I've got gas is something to worry about.''

He then changed to a more impressive style as he addressed Swagger more seriously.

The crowd seemed into it and bought most of what was being said.

A nice double team by Swagger and Cody Rhodes ensued which further pushed Rhodes.

A nice opening to Smackdown.


By the way, my predictions for who will fill the final two spots in the Smackdown Money in the Bank match are either Dolph Ziggler, MVP or Drew McIntyre.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

A good opening bout for Smackdown. Could have been better, but it was good.

There was a nice pace kept throughout the match but it never got me too excited. It seemed to lack that special something which seperates a good match from a great match.

The fans were not as enthralled by this match as I thought they would be.

This ''Vickie is a toyboy-seeking cougar'' storyline is getting boring. Have WWE forgotten that they've done this angle twice before with Edge and Big Show?

I'm sure everybody else hasn't.


The Peep Show with Christian, Matt Hardy

The fans popped big-time for Matt Hardy and it's time WWE recognised that.

I like the way WWE played on the history between these two. There was some nice commentary between the two which sounded like it was directed at WWE management.

Matt and Christian both had some good mic skills and they really spoke the truth and quite possibly provided us with some insider information about the opinions of certain members of the WWE (namely Drew McIntyre).

A nice little bit of physicality to hype this potential future feud. In my opinion, it will be one of these two or The Chosen One (if and when he is announced as a participant) that will capture the briefcase at Money in the Bank.


Kane vs. Luke Gallows with Serena & CM Punk

Not really a match; more of an angle.

The ''match'' was just getting going when the masked man entered and caused the disqualification.

What was the point if they were going to have him chokeslammed?

The following CCTV footage had me confused for a bit and I still haven't quite worked out where it will lead.

I'm currently thinking it spells the end for Serena's involvement with the SES or else it spells the end for the SES as a whole.


MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero

It was nice to see Chavo get some air time with a decent wrestler but we all knew how it was going to end.

A very short match which did nothing to help either man.

How is MVP supposed to look good by beating a man who was defeated by Hornswoggle ten weeks in a row?

How is Chavo supposed to be taken seriously after being squashed?


Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly

A nice bit of physicality,which is a rare thing for WWE divas, before the match.

A very short match here but it was good while it lasted.


Rey Mysterio & Big Show vs. Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes

This was a solid main event. The fans were into it and it retained my interest to the end.

The pace of the match was very good and the momentum shifted regularly.

Big Show sold his injury well and everybody got in a bit of offence.

The match featured some nice spots which included Big Show tossing Cody Rhodes out of the ring onto Swagger from over his head!

I liked the finish. For once, the DQ made sense.

The post match assault on the ankle really put Swagger over and really hyped the title match.


Final Thoughts:

Smackdown was good this week, considering it had such a hard act to follow from last week.

The main event was by far the highlight of the night and it hyped the feuds between the participants nicely.

The Peep Show was very interesting for the points detailed above and Swagger's promo to open the show was very well delivered.

The Kane/SES feud took an interesting turn tonight and I'm very interested in the future of Kane and the SES.

All in all, a good episode of Smackdown, but not as good as last week!

Final Rating: 3.5/5

Please sign my petition in support of Jim Ross.





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