"Modern Slavery" & Sepp Blatter: The Fool At The Head Of FIFA

Rowanne Westhenry@@agirlintheshedFeatured ColumnistJuly 27, 2008

Sepp Blatter is an irresponsible moron. Maybe if he’d read a couple of history books before opening his mouth wide enough to fit both feet in, he might have the teeniest comprehension of what slavery is.


No slaves drove Aston Martens or Lamborghinis. No slaves flew around the world on holidays on private jets. Of the millions of people forcibly removed from their homes and families and made to work in dreadful conditions, I don’t think a single one got paid £120K a week.


Footballers sign a contract, which is legally binding. In any other business, if you want to get out of your contract it takes a lot of legal wrangling and usually involves a large amount of money being extracted from your wallet.


Football clubs are run as businesses these days and I fail to see why players' contracts should be different to those in any other enterprise.


These men are supposed to be professionals. Nobody is making Ronaldo play football for a living.


If he wants to leave Manchester United, maybe he should have grown a pair and spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson, expressing his desire to leave a club that’s just retained the Premier League title and won the Champions’ League.


Sir Alex is not an unreasonable man and has dealt with many a star player wanting to move away. Come to think of it, most of them have ended up at Real Madrid.


If Ronaldo does go, I wouldn’t complain, mainly because I am a Chelsea fan and would love to see Man United lose 42 goals a season. However much I dislike United though, I can’t help but sympathise with the fans who feel betrayed by Ronaldo’s comments.


His behaviour throughout the whole affair has been disgraceful. If I was Sir Alex, I would leave him on the bench to rot for a year, then sell him to Real.


Ronaldo is obviously one of the best players of this generation, if a little light on his feet shall we say, but his readiness to believe his own hype has made his arrogance almost eclipse his talent on the pitch.


Blatter is fanning the flames of Ronaldo’s ever expanding ego. Instead of coming across as a responsible man, who is president of the international governing body of the biggest sport in the world, (sorry America) he looks like a brown-noser.


Nobody likes a brown-noser, and nobody wants a president of anything, whether it’s FIFA or Cheese-Makers of the World, who will pander to the whims of a young man who believes his own hype.


FIFA is in great danger of becoming a laughing stock over this matter. Blatter’s comments were irresponsible, offensive and outside of the remit of his job and should have lead to his immediate dismissal. As it is, he should be replaced as soon as possible.


If Ronaldo does go to Real it would be best for everyone, as Sir Alex wouldn’t be left with an ungrateful bighead who is labouring as a "slave" for the club, and the other 19 teams in the league wouldn’t have to play against the best winger in the world.