Kimi Raikkonen: Badittude and Ignorance from a Disgrace of a Champion

Alex LevySenior Analyst IJuly 26, 2008

To all readers alike, I would like to apologize for keeping away from Bleacher Report for so long. Now on to my article.

Kimi Raikkonen as of late has been on a roll of badittude (bad attitude), ignorance, and his performance level on track has somewhat taken a dip.



Kimi Raikkonen was caught assaulting a photographer; whilst the incident is debatable; his actions were not. As F1 champion, there's a strong burden of responsibilities resting upon your shoulders, whether you like it or not.

Regardless of Kimi's dislike of autograph seekers, photographers,...anyone intruding on his personal space, nothing gives him the right to assault or shove someone to the ground.



A new video has surged on the internet, depicting the Iceman knocking a child to the floor. In actual fact, Kimi did not assault the poor kid, Kimi was trying to dodge the autograph-mad mother as he always does, but in the process somehow knocked her folder onto the child's face (unintentionally as we are led to believe). 

The fact is, Kimi's trying to dodge an eager fan is not very good for his image as an F1 driver and worse as the champion of the world's richest sport.

Furthermore, not attending to the child just depicts a level of ignorance that's just unacceptable from a human being. The least he should have done was go back there to see how the kid is doing.

The image Raikkonen is shadowing over the F1 title he carries with him is just sickening at this point. The FIA should have done something about it. As a matter of fact, Ferrari should do something about it, instead.

The FIA these days cannot be asked to remedy these sort of situations when we consider Mosley is still in power and probably feels no different to Raikkonen's badittude.



Raikkonen is third in the driver's standings, seven points adrift of championship leader Lewis Hamilton and behind teammate Felipe Massa.

Our champ has had a dip in performance that's even more worrying than his off-track antics with photographers and fans. He scored no points in Monaco and Canada, three in Hockenheim and only five in Silverstone.

Clearly, Raikkonen is not the champion we need; someone needs to take that title from him. A talented driver of his caliber with a team like Ferrari backing him with a package like the F2008 and a second driver like Massa; has got to perform better than that.

As a matter of fact, Raikkonen has every card in hand plus the FIA on the payroll, so why he is third in the driver's rankings is just hard to comprehend.



F1 has had its run of bad press with last year's spy scandal and this year's Mosley's case. What we don't need is a champion that fails to deliver on expectations both off and on the track.

Kimi Raikkonen, it's time to shape up!